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1-Year-Old Baby Girl Battling Deadly Heart Disease Since Birth Will Lose Her Life Without An Urgent Surgery

Baby Thanushree recently turned one, this should have been a moment of celebration for the parents and the little one, instead, their days are passed in fear.  Baby Thanushree's life is uncertain because of the dreadful heart disease that she is born with.  She has been suffering since her birth and each passing day has been a nightmare for these poor parents. Unlike other parents, they couldn't experience the joy of parenthood fully. They were hopeful that she will recover but her condition has only worsened. The only happiness they had in this 1 year was when she started calling them 'Amma' and 'Appa'. But their happiness did not last for a long time, her severe breathing trouble has hardly let her to pick up any words and she is in constant pain.

Baby Thansuhree was born with a severe heart disease that became worse over the year

Nanthini did not have any complications in her pregnancy and all her scan reports were normal. It was a big blow for these young parents when their baby struggled to breathe soon after her birth. She was crying uncontrollably and soon turned blue. The very next day, she was taken to a hospital in Chennai from Tiruchirappalli in an ambulance. She was diagnosed with a heart disease called Double Outlet Right Ventricle, in which the heart's two major arteries are connected to the right ventricle, it creates a problem because the right ventricle carries oxygen-poor blood which then gets circulated in the body.  She also has a Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD) which means a hole in the tissue wall that separate the left and right ventricles. The VSD allows oxygen-rich blood to pass from the left ventricle to the aorta and pulmonary artery. But even with this added oxygen, the body may still not get enough, causing the heart to work harder.

"I was not allowed to travel for a week after the delivery. I longed to see my baby. when I came to Chennai, I saw her in the ICU fighting for her life. We went home after a week, but the doctors said she needs a surgery and we had to wait for her to gain weight. She falls short of breath whenever I try to feed her. Everyday is a struggle. We have rushed to the hospital many times, late at night.We get terrified whenever she turns blue." - Nanthini, Mother.

Only an urgent open heart surgery can save their baby's life from this dreadful disease

Nanthini and Thiruppathi were living a modest and happy life in Tiruchirappalli. This young couple, like any other parents, had a lot of dreams about their child and her future. But their precious daughter's heart condition has shattered all their dreams. Nanthini has not stepped out anywhere in the last 1 year except for those unpredictable hospital visits. She refuses to leave her daughter even for a moment, she does not understand how this happened.  While Thiruppathi goes to work every day, she sits at home and cries all alone with no one to even console her. To make things worse, doctors have said that her baby needs an urgent heart surgery to save her life.

"When I see my neighborhood kids playing around and going to school, I wonder if my child will ever make it. Even during her first birthday she was crying in pain all the day and did not sleep at all. In this 1 year, she had taken more medicines than food, yet her condition has not improved. I live in constant fear and guilt." - Nanthini.

Her poor parents cannot afford the life-saving surgery that their child needs

Thiruppathi works as a supervisor in a private company and earns Rs 8,000 per month. He hardly has any savings. With his meagre income, all he could do is to take care of the basic needs. He almost spent a lakh for the treatment and medicines. Now his baby is fit enough for the surgery but sadly, he cannot afford the 4 lakhs required. He is spending sleepless nights, skipping meals and running to everyone he knows but nothing is helping him.

"I don't know what I can do to save my baby's life. All we have in life is our daughter but I'm unable to do anything to save her. It is so painful to see her suffering. I have no strength to console my wife, I can't even look at her. I can't bear the very thought of losing my child." - Thiruppathi.

How You Can Help

1-year-old baby Thanushree is battling a dreadful heart disease and she needs an urgent open heart surgery without which she might lose her life. her poor parents are struggling to save their only child. They do not have anything left with them and are running out of time. Only your support can save their daughter's life.

Your contribution can save 1-year-old Thanushree's life

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