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This 1-month-old Is Fighting For Life Because Of A Birth Defect That Forced His Food Into His Lungs

Nazmeen and Osman were thrilled with the arrival of their baby boy. They were happy that the baby would complete the family along with their 4-year-old son. Little did they know that their happiness is short-lived. Within few days of his birth he was diagnosed with a very complicated and painful lung disease. This little one is hooked to a ventilator struggling to breathe because of a severe infection.

He choked milk and started coughing

Nazmeen's son was born on Dec 23rd. He seemed completely normal. Nazmeen and Osman even planned to name the precious baby as Atif Khan. Initially, Atif was noticed to have choking episodes when feeding. They thought it is normal but Nazmeen was terrified when her baby started coughing. They took Atif to a local doctor who could not figure out what caused the issue. Osman and Namzeen left for Hyderabad for a second opinion.

"We held him only for two weeks and suddenly the fear of losing him gripped us."

Atif's lungs and blood are also infected

Osman and Nazmeen went to Rainbow hospital in Hyderabad. Here, they discovered that he was born with a tracheoesophageal fistula where his food pipe and windpipe are connected. All the milk he was drinking was going into his lungs. 

"Now I understand why he used to splutter and spit. It feels like our lungs are on fire when by mistake water goes in. He could not even express his pain all these days when we went on feeding him and drowning him."
“I have never heard about this disease before. When doctor explained about the complications, my body was shivering. I can’t bear to see him suffering and crying out of pain.”

After the surgery, baby suffers from Pneumonia now

Atif needed a surgery to fix the defect. Unfortunately, the damage was done. The milk in the lungs had caused an infection. Now, with his blood also infection, baby Atif is fighting to survive on the ventilator. He needs antifungal medicines, antibiotics and IV fluids. Osman and Nazmeen are spending sleepless nights praying for Allah to save their little son.

“Not even in my wildest dream I thought I would have to face such a situation. Expenses are mounting every day, I feel helpless. I don’t think I will have the strength to live without my baby.”

Osman is a farmer with a meager income

Osman Khan is a farmer. He has a piece of land but with a low yield of crops and no rains, he hardly makes enough to get by. His relatives have helped him so far. Now everyone has reached a dead end. Doctors say that baby has a good chance of recovery and all possibilities to live a normal life provided he gets the treatment without any delay.

How you can help

Baby Atif is fighting to breathe when he should be discovering life. He needs an intensive treatment to recover completely. The bills have shot up beyond Rs. 6 lakhs. They have already spent 4.89 lakhs and have debts overhead.  Atif needs ICU stay for 2 more weeks and bill will go up to 11 Lakhs. 

Your contribution can be the miracle that Nazmeen and Osman are praying for, to save their baby boy.

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