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Help Baby Of Nazmeen Khan Who Is Under ICU

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 Nazmeen and Osman were thrilled with the arrival of their second baby. They were happy that the baby would complete the family along with their 4-year-old son. A baby boy was born and their joy knew no bounds. Little did they know that their happiness is short lived. Within few days of his birth he is diagnosed with a very complicated and painful disease called Tracheoesophageal fistula meaning abnormal connection between throat to stomach and throat to the windpipe and lungs.

Baby boy was born on Dec 23rd. He seemed to be completely normal. Nazmeen and Osman even planned to name the precious baby as Atif Khan. Initially, baby was noticed to have choking episodes when feeding. They thought it is normal but Nazmeen was terrified when baby started coughing. They took the baby boy to a local hospital. Doctors suggested taking to him to a bigger hospital due to the complications.

He was rushed to Rainbow hospital in Hyderabad.There it was diagnosed Baby was born with a fused trachea and food pipe. Poor little boy whatever he eat would go into his lungs. All the milk he has was in his lungs. He had an urgent surgery to fix it. Unfortunately, the lungs and blood were infected.

“I have never heard about this disease before. When doctor explained about the complications, my body was shivering. I can’t bear to see my newborn suffering and crying out of pain.” – Nazeem

When Nazmeen and Osman were struggling to come in terms with the condition of the baby, they had to face terrible news. Baby is attacked with pneumonia and he needs ventilator support. He is fed with antibiotics and IV fluids. Parents are spending sleepless nights. Fear of losing their baby is consuming them every minute.

“Not even in my wildest dream I thought I would have to face such a situation. Expenses are mounting every day, I feel helpless. I don’t think I will have the strength to live without my baby.” – Osman

Osman Khan is a farmer. He has a piece of land but with low yield of crops, rain and everything he hardly makes enough to get by. Nazmeen is a housewife. Osman's relatives have helped him so far. Now everyone has reached a dead end. Doctors say that baby has a good chance of recovery and all possibilities to live a normal life provided he gets the treatment without any delay.

How you can help

This newborn baby  boy is suffering from excruciating pain. He needs an extensive treatment to recover completely. The bills have shot up beyond Rs. 6 lakhs. They have already spent 4.89 lakhs and have debts overhead.  Child needs ICU stay for 2 more weeks and bill will go up again. Only your contributions can help Nazmeen and Osman to take their baby boy back home.
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Get well soon baby, God bless you

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get well soon!

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I pray to the almighty and to SRI SAI BABA that this baby Atif to recover to good health and free from all diseases. May the almighty give all intelligence, power and timely action to the Doctors who are on the job for saving the baby's life. I also request that the hospital should subsidize their fee to the major extent possible considering this baby and to help their poor family because life is much more important than money.