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2-Month-Old Baby Girl Will Die Of Liver Disease Without An Urgent Surgery

"My baby cries everyday inconsolably in pain, her liver has enlarged and it is hurting her tiny body terribly. She doesn't stop  crying until she has exhausted all her energy. She has a high fever and the side of the bed she rests on is always hot. I try all the possible ways to comfort her but nothing helps. Even the medicines are not helping her anymore. I break into tears after failing all my attempts. It is overwhelmingly painful to see  my little baby struggle so much at this tender age." - Gangubai, mother of a 2-month-old baby girl.

The family is left devastated as their 2-month-old is fighting for life every minute

Four days after Gangubai's baby was born she suffered from high fever and red rashes developed all over her body. Gangubai and Dinesh were very worried and took her to many hospitals in various cities but they couldn't identify the problem. Finally, a private hospital in Bengaluru told them that their child's liver has increased in size and the blood count is decreasing drastically because of an immunodeficiency disease.

"Even in our wildest dreams we never thought a baby as small as two months would get such terrible disease. We were shocked to hear that my baby is on the brink of death. As a mother, I felt very helpless and stood numb for sometime. Then, I asked my husband to get every help that he can to start the treatment. With the little money he collected, we immediately admitted her." - Gangubai.

The fatal disease will kill this 2-month-old without an urgent surgery

Gangubai's baby is suffering from Griscelli Syndrome HLH, a disorder that causes immune system abnormalities where too many immune cells are produced and their overactivity damage organs and tissues throughout the body. This baby's liver is enlarged and the blood count has drastically reduced affecting bone marrow organ which produces blood. This disease has caused life-threatening complications to the baby. She urgently needs a bone marrow transplant to survive.

"We could only afford to start chemotherapy treatment, she has undergone 5 cycles until now which is keeping her alive but she needs 5 more cycles of chemotherapy and a surgery. We were told that if the condition is left untreated my daughter might never be able to make it. Whenever she is given injections, she cries for hours and at times, she is so weak that she whimpers in pain. It is unbearable to watch the agonizing pain this tiny body is going through." - Gangubai.

This poor parents are left with nothing to save their baby

Dinesh and Gangubai are daily wage laborers who together earn as little as Rs 300 a day. With this minimal earnings, they were struggling to run the house. Now the expenses of the treatment have overburdened them. The couple has spent 2 lakhs until now but they are unable to afford the surgery that can save their little daughter.

"Our savings was not even enough to buy medicines so we borrowed a huge sum of the amount from our friends and relatives. But we could only start the treatment with that. We need to pay the rent for the room we are staying and each cycle of chemotherapy costs Rs 6000. All these expenses are above our means. We need Rs 36,50,000 for the surgery, the money which we have never seen our lives. We have done everything we could, now we are left with nothing." - Gangubai.

How You Can Help

Gangubai's 2-month-old baby is battling for life with an immune deficiency disorder that has enlarged her liver and reduced her blood count. She urgently needs chemotherapy treatment and a bone marrow transplant, without which she may not live. The poor parents cannot afford the expensive surgery that will help their little baby survive.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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