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From Her Mother's Womb To The Cold NICU Bed, This Newborn Struggles To Overcome A Terrible Lung Infection

Vadivelan, a salesperson, goes to work every day with a heavy heart. After years of marriage, his wife, Anithaa, just gave birth to a baby girl. Where he works, there is no concept of paternity leave. He did not mind since he could spend time with his angel when he went home in the evening. Now, Vadivelan heads straight to the hospital after work, where his baby girl lies in the NICU fighting for her life.

Barely out of her mother's womb, this little one is stuck suffering in the unfamiliar ICU

The happiest day in Vadivelan and Anithaa’s life was three months ago when their daughter was born. They took her home, celebrated and named her Janani. When she was about 10 days old, she stopped feeding. She cried all night and they could not comfort her. The new parents panicked and rushed back to the hospital.

We discovered that she was born with two holes in her heart. She also has a severe lung infection due to which she struggles to breathe on her own. Since October 30, Janani has been in and out of the iCU. Every day I think she is getting better only to see her suffer more.” - Anithaa

'We looked forward to being a family, now we cannot even spend time together'

While Anithaa spends the day in the hospital, Vadivelan spends the night there. The two don’t get to spend time with each other, and the few minutes that they do, they sit in silence or ask if there were any updates from the doctor. Janani needs intensive care to recover from the infection. Doctors hope that the holes in her heart will close as she grows. It is her lungs they are worried about.

“I talk to her like I would at home. Sometimes, I even sing to her, but she’s so weak. She barely opens her eyes to look at me.” - Anithaa

Vadivelan cries at work, helplessly thinking of his wife and child

She needs respiratory support along with medication for at least 4 weeks. Unfortunately, Vadivelan cannot afford the expenses. He has spent Rs. 3 lakhs already by dipping into his savings, selling all jewelry and borrowing from family. He must work every day of the week so he does not lose pay. 

“Those first 10 days of happiness keeps me going. My wife and I are struggling to get through this without the time or energy to support each other. I cry at work unable to be there for them or fix this for us. We were beginning to feel like we are alone in this battle until the hospital helped us reach out to you.” - Vadivelan

Janani is about 3 months old now. The little bed in the NICU is her world. She lies there, too weak to cry or even open her eyes. Her little body is hooked up to machines, and a ventilator helps her breathe.

With a little help from you, Janani can get treated for her infection and leave the hospital as a healthy baby ready to meet the world.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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