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Urgent: This 2-Year-Old Needs A Life-Saving Liver Transplant In The Next 24 Hours

"I give him a goodnight kiss every night but today as I do it, my heart breaks. His body has turned yellow and his liver has completely failed. I don't know what will happen in the next few hours if we don't manage to arrange for his liver transplant." -Prathima, Keerthan's mother.
2-year-old Keerthan awaits an urgent liver transplant. His Mother will donate a portion of her liver to save his life but the parents have nothing left to pay for the transplant. Keerthan is losing precious time and needs immediate help.

Keerthan was diagnosed just 15 days ago and his condition deteriorated rapidly

15 days ago, Keerthan’s parents noticed that his eyes have a yellowish tinge to them. His urine was yellow in colour. Initially, it was assumed that he has a viral infection but when the symptoms seemed to aggravate, they decided to take him to the hospital. After several tests, 2-year-old Keerthan was diagnosed with acute liver failure. Doctors have said that his only chance of survival is an urgent liver transplant.

“I had no idea that something so grave has affected my son. I feel terribly helpless as I look at his face. I wish I could do something to reduce the pain he is going through.” - Jayarajan.

Keerthan is in constant pain and no medicines can comfort him

Keerthan's laughter used to resonate everywhere but now he is silenced by the deadly disease.  All he wants is to go back home. He is unable to eat any solid food and he is surviving solely on liquids. Little Keerthan is also running a high temperature.

“Every day when he went for playschool, I had to pack him something different for lunch. Now, when I look at him frail and tired and unable to eat anything I can’t hold back my tears. I don’t know how we will save our son if we can’t arrange for his liver transplant.” - Prathima, mother.

This Father Supported His Autistic Daughter And Son, All These Years With A Teacher's Salary

Jayarajan works as a teacher in a nursing school. Jayarajan and Prathima have an older daughter, Pavanea who has autism. Jayarajan single-handedly takes care of her special needs as well.
I am running from pillar to post to arrange for the funds for Keerthan’s transplant. I have already spent more than a lakh on his treatment so far. Now, the transplant  would require Rs 15 lakhs. My savings are all used up and there is no one who can help with the fund. He is just 2 years old, there is no way I will lose hope and let him slip through our hands. My wife is ready to be the donor but the money is our only constraint now.” - Jayarajan.

How you can help

2-year-old Keerthan is suffering from an acute liver failure. His only chance of survival is an urgent liver transplant within few hours. His family is struggling to arrange money for the transplant. Your support can save little Keerthan’s life and bring back his happiness.

Your help can save Keerthan's life

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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