Her face melted like a plastic still her will is stronger than acid, helping other surviors live a life with dignity. | Milaap
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Her face melted like a plastic still her will is stronger than acid, helping other surviors live a life with dignity.

"I am not a victim, I am a survivor. The man who attacked me will cover his face I won't" - Laxmi Agarwal - Survivor, Fighter and a Mother.

A 16-year-old young school going girl had dreams of learning Kathak and Music, she wanted to be a trained singer or a dancer and had made elaborate plans to undergo the training. She had even saved money for the training fees and without burdening her parents. She was going to attend her first music class, that never happened.....

On her way to her class, a man twice of her age threw acid on her face because she refused his proposal of marrying him.

"The skin from my face and my hands was melting as if my skin was made of polythene."

Seven face surgeries after....

The scars have made her a stronger person. She is a symbol of courage, strength, and hope to many others who gave experienced the same trauma she endured 12 years ago.

She has been an active campaigner to put a ban on the sale of acid and prevent it's easy to access to the public. Apart from being a campaigner, she has been helping many the acid attack survivors to start a new life with dignity and strength.

"The face you burned is the face I love, I am flourishing,” those were her words when she received the International Women of Courage Award from Michelle Obama.

Sheroes cafe - Bringing more power to those girls

Close to the Taj Mahal, in Agra, between a hustling and bustling of streets of the city is a small cafe managed by five women–all maimed in acid attacksSheroes hangout was started by Laxmi and other survivors to introduce customers to the survivors and create awareness about acid attacks.
The cafe also helps women to leave the tragic past behind and successfully manage and run a business.

Chhanv - A shelter for those who survived the ghastly attacks

Laxmi is currently working on a project to establish and operate a trauma relief center for women and girls, survivors of acid attack.
In acute cases of acid attack, the model will provide post-hospitalization relief and care to patients of severe acid burns victimized in the attack, especially women and child, to help them recover from the physical trauma and social stigma caused after an acid attack.

Why should you contribute?

The foundation wishes to start initially with a crowd funding goal of 10 Lakhs and seeks your support.

The following is an estimated capital budget that shall be spent on the establishment on the project:
Particulars                                                              Estimated Expenses (In Rupees)
Abode (Bedrooms, Kitchen & Toilet)                    300,000.00
Conference Hall                                                         60,000.00
Office (Furniture, Peripherals, Security, etc.)      200,000.00
Total Capital Expense                                             560,000.00

Your contribution will help in saving lives and give them the courage to restart a new life.
Click here to contribute to Laxmi's campaign