Help US Build A Home For Acid Attack Survivors

"When dreams die, they do not make much noise. When hopes are crushed, the signs are soundless."

Acid corrodes gently. Eating away at her skin, bones and her dreams. The rest of her life begins now. A battle against unending, excruciating pain, deformity, social negligence, ostracisation and an invisible justice system. When a girl is attacked by acid, she is also relegated to the fringes of society, consigned to its dark recesses. Often, forced to hide away from society.

It is these faces that Chhanv Foundation and Stop acid attacks attempts to bring to light, from behind the veil, neglect and fear. Stop Acid Attacks is a call, a campaign against the brutality of acid violence. When we launched on March 8th, 2013, a determined resolve to bring these unseen, unknown stories to the fore, guided us.
Chhanv Foundation works as a bridge between survivors and the society, as the two come to stand isolated from each other when a girl is attacked with acid. The foundation provides them urgent and adequate medical and legal aid, and rehabilitate them by finding alternate sources of income. It also connects them with potential donors and supporters for these urgent needs. Most significantly, the organization's endeavor is to motivate and strengthen the survivors. To reassure them that confidence can be the spring in their step, and faith can fuel their dreams.

What are we fundraising for:

A project to establish and operate a trauma relief center for women and girls, survivors of acid attack. In acute cases of acid attack, the model will provide post-hospitalization relief and care to patients of severe acid burns victimized in the attack, especially women and child, to help them recover from the physical trauma and social stigma caused after an acid attack.

The project can be imagined in four essential board. Each board requires resources to function.Description of the essential boards are given below, further, it is described for required resources.

Relief & Care
Major functions:
• Medical consultation
• Counseling sessions with the distressed
• Routine medical check-upsRequired resources
• Routine visits of physician, gynecologist, physiotherapist
• Doctor’s cabin for consultation

Assisted Living Abode
Major functions:
• Provides clean, hygienic and cool environment to the beneficiary after the hospital discharges
• Maintaining a healthy diet plan
• Assistance with nursing careRequired resources
• Clean, hygienic bedrooms equipped with air-conditioners, wardrobe, etc.
• Common kitchen and toilets
• Nurses, attendants, and housekeepers for assisting acid burn patient

Recreation and Training
Major functions:
• Skill and vocational training schedule
• Personality and Grooming
• Recreational rehabilitation of the acid attack survivorRequired resources:
• Common hall space for recreational activities, equipped with a TV and PA sound system
• Participation of volunteers and other skill trainers in the training programs

Major functions:
• Case Report: Documentation of acid attack case
• Need assessment of acid attack survivor
• Treatment schedule• Accounts of expenses
• Administrative routines of the projectRequired resources
• Staff acquisition: Accountant, Project Information Officer, Receptionist, etc.
• Office equipment: Desks, computers, stationery, almirah, etc.

Why should you contribute?

The foundation wishes to start initially with a crowd funding goal of 41 Lakhs and seeks your support.

The following is an estimated capital budget that shall be spent on the establishment on the project:
Particulars                                                              Estimated Expenses (In Rupees)
Abode (Bedrooms, Kitchen & Toilet)                    300,000.00
Conference Hall                                                         60,000.00
Office (Furniture, Peripherals, Security, etc.)      200,000.00
Total Capital Expense                                             560,000.00
  560,000*12 (For a year) = 4100000
Your contribution will help in saving lives and give them the courage to restart a new life. 

You can also do a bank transfer to the below mentioned account setup for this fundraising campaign:
  • Account number: 80808080101015333
  • Account name: Chaanv Foundation
Operational Budget Expenditure
Operational Budget Expenditure
Capital Budget Expenditure
Capital Budget Expenditure
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8th August 2018
Dear Supporters,

Thank you for all your love & immense support, which you all have showered for the cause. Baby Ayesha, who ingested acid few months ago, was going through the medical recovery at Apollo Hospital, Delhi & provided with the accomodation at Sheroes Home has completed the first phase of her treatment, she has been assisted financially to meet up the regular expenses for the treatment as the asking expenses were quite more than the funds raised for her. As the first phase of treatment has been completed, she has returned with her parents to her native place, New AlipurDwar, hopefully the second phase would start three months later.
Please find the more details about her on

For the other survivors we are conducting the soft skill development programme probably in the third week of August, it would be all around the Personal Branding, Verbal & Non-verbal communication, Team management & much more. The training would involve approximately 7-8 survivors. We would be making arrangements for the training, stay & accomodation for the trainees & trainers at Sheroes Home.

Your geniality & mildness is highly appreciated.

Thank you
6th July 2018
Dear Friends,

At the moment we are helping the little girl Ayesha who ingested acid few months ago, going through medical recovery in Delhi. She and her parents feel privileged to stay at the Sheroes Home at Noida while the treatment is going on. Major surgeries which were supposed to bring the girl from the critical stage of injury to safe has already been conducted. Now every week she has to go the hospital for the rehabilitation her operated organs in her stomach. In such cases Sheroes Home has been a project worthwhile to help provide accommodation and assistance when months of treatment is under the process.

Our next objective is developing a team of volunteers who can help the girls with learning new skills. These may be the general skills of craft making, artifacts or the soft skills that can help them learn to respond efficiently in professional environment.

Those of you interested in volunteering for the acid attack survivors, may please mail us at or contact directly at +919958066951.

We appreciate your concern and kindness that you offer us to work on our cause.

Thank you.
22nd June 2018
Dear Supporters,

Thank you once again for all the love and support you have shown towards the cause.

The project has been running at a good pace, the trauma relief center is all settled and currently the majority of the expenses are incurred on the survivors' medical and miscellaneous expenses as there are a lot of expenses like travelling, accommodation, etc. incurred during their course of the treatment.

We would like to thank all of you for your generous contributions.


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l want to see the total sum raised increased so l donate once again. Brenda

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2nd donation today. You won me over with your fb photo... lovely ladies. l pray you reach your target. l'm sure you will. l will keep tabs on your page to watch the donations grow as they will. God bless Brenda x x

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You are delightful and exceptional young ladies. l love the photo you put up. Your light shines from within. Looking at your fb page photo again l am encouraged to give once more. l am sure you will reach your goal. God's blessings be with each one of you now and always. lt will be my pleasure to share your page. All best wishes Brenda ☺

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Best wishes and many blessings sisters. Brenda