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9-Year-Old Will Die of Kidney And Lung Damage Without Immediate Help

“It was not even 24 hours that we had discharged Srijan from the hospital. Right after we brought him home, he suddenly couldn’t breathe. We had to rush him back to the hospital again. I believed he only had kidney problems, but it’s heartbreaking to know it is more than that now. His lungs are filled with water and that has caused pneumonia. His kidneys are on the verge of getting completely damaged too and I am so scared,” Debabrata, Srijan’s father.

Little Srijan hasn't known a life without medicines

For 9-year-old Srijan, a salt-less diet and never playing outside was part of a normal life. He has been suffering from nephrosis, a kidney condition in which there is a loss of protein in the urine, since he was barely 2. He has been on steroids and medicines all this while due to this. 

“There are hardly any medicines that I haven’t tried for Srijan. I thought he would do better. The last visit to the hospital has almost killed all my hopes. His lungs are failing. His kidney condition has worsened. It’s very heartbreaking to know that my only child can die at any moment.

Srijan's physical and mental wellness has always suffered due to his illness, but now he is in a life-and-death situation

Srijan was never able to go to school regularly. He had become overweight due to the steroid-based medicines he was taking. Debabrata and Nilabati always had a tough time to convince Srijan to step out of the house because he had low self-esteem. In spite of constant counseling, Srijan was never able to deal with it. But now, his condition has become much worse. 

“My child was already going through a lot before his body started slowly giving up. It has been almost 15 days and he has been constantly on ventilator support. Without this, he can just stop breathing at any moment.”

Even though he might lose his job, Debabrata has not left his son’s side for a minute

Debabrata works in a small ply shop and manages to earn Rs 5000 a month. He is constantly at the hospital with his son. He has not been able to go to work for some time now. He might even lose his job soon. 

“I have not been able to tell my wife, Nilabati that our son might not live. She thinks that Srijan will become better. I have no idea what to tell her when I myself don’t know what is going to happen to him. She anyway breaks down seeing him in the hospital. I am scared that she will not be able to handle the situation. I am scared that something might happen to her too.”

Even after borrowing heavily, this father is struggling to save him

Debabrata has lost count on how much he has spent so far. He had a small garment shop which he has given up. He also had to sell the small plot of land which he had kept for future investments. Nilabati has also sold her jewellery. This desperate father has even taken loans from private lenders. He is desperately looking for a way to save his only child now.

How you can help

9-year-old Srijan has nephrosis which has led to lung infection and pneumonia. He needs to stay in the PICU until he is out of danger. The cost required to save his son now is Rs 8 lakhs. His father, Debabrata has already exhausted all his sources and he has nothing left to save his only son.

Your support can save Srijan's life

Supporting Document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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