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Sravya Needs Your Help To Fight Cancer For The Second Time

Every night, 5-year-old Sravya asks her mother why she cannot be like other girls of her age. She does not understand why she is in the hospital to take painful injections and medications.  But when she is taken to the play room filled with many toys, forgets all about the questions in her mind and starts to draw in her favourite notebook. This little girl does not know that she is fighting blood cancer a the second time. She does not know that she can live for six months longer if she does not get a bone-marrow transplant immediately.

A School Teacher's Struggle To Save His Daughter

Raju, Sravya's father is a secondary school teacher. Since Sravya was diagnosed with cancer, he has been travelling to different hospitals getting opinions from oncologists. Managing the expenses of his daughter's blood cancer treatment has not been easy. 
Sravya was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in November 2014. She was was on oral medication till her cancer was controlled and later she was put on maintenance chemotherapy. But in December last year, her cancer relapsed and she now needs a bone-marrow transplant urgently to survive.

This Brother Stopped His Education To Help His Sister Fight Cancer

When doctors at the first hospital referred the family to Meenakshi Mission Hospital, the family had to make a big decision. They were required to relocate to Madurai for a prolonged treatment. Raju and his wife were ready to move anywhere, but they did not want their son's education and life to suffer. "Should we spoil the future of one child while trying to save the other child?", Raju's wife asked him. "But I can't stay without my son." Raju was in a dilemma. He knew both the children needed their mother. 

But 7-year-old son, Ram Charan made the decision for all of them. "I want to stay with my little sister," he said with determination. He knew this meant he couldn't play with his friends in the evening and he wouldn't meet his schoolmates. But helping his sister was important and that's what he wanted to do. Being with this sister made him happy and he was willing to come with the family wherever they went.

The parents didn't have to think again. They decided to take him to Madurai.

She Will Die In 6 Months Without A Bone Marrow Transplantation

The parents felt that the signs were good and that they could soon go back to normal, but that was not to be. Despite the medications, her cancer didn't go away. It came back, worse than before. The doctors have given her six months to live. Unless she can get a bone-marrow transplant.

Still not losing hope, the family pawned all their jewellery and took a loan from the bank to cover their medical expenses.

" We were very happy to see that the chemotherapy and oral medications had worked. But when my daughter was tested again, the results showed that her cancer had relapsed. The doctor said that a bone marrow transplantation is the only hope we have of saving her now. We even thought we will end our lives if we cannot help our daughter. As a father, can you see your daughter, your princess, suffering in the hospital fighting for her life"? he asks. 

Fortunately, Ram Charan, Sravya's brother is a match for a bone marrow-donor for Sravya. "God showed his mercy, and my son is a match to be the donor. He has done his part. Now it's our chance to save our daughter. We want to proceed with the transplantation and save her life. If God has shown us this way we feel that he will also send help from other kind-hearted individuals."

How You Can Help Sravya

Sravya is fighting cancer for the second time. Her family has exhausted all the money they collected for the first round of treatment. Now they are helpless and cannot raise Rs 10 lakhs for the transplant. The target of this campaign is set to Rs 12 lakhs to cover the transplant expenses of Rs 10 lakhs and to help the family manage the post-transplant expenses. Your support will help Sravya come back to normal life. This little one has gone through the worst last year and with your help, she can make it beyond the six months her doctors have given her.

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