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His Lungs Have Failed And Even 7 Oxygen Cylinders Every Day Can’t Keep Him From Dying Like His Father

Sougata can’t say two words without getting breathless. To him, even talking feels like he’s run an entire mile without stopping. Sougata is so young, but his life depends on 7 oxygen cylinders and his wheelchair every day – his lifelines. He watched his father die of the same lung disease he has now, and he fears that he too will suffer the same fate.

He asked me to let him die when the doctors said he needs a lung transplant. He knows I can’t afford it after spending so much on his father’s treatment. He watched his father go from an active, healthy man to helplessly lying on the bed on his last day. He watched him take his last breath. He feels the same will happen to him.” – Pratima, mother

Sougata wrote his board exams in the hospital

It’s been six years since Sougata has been diagnosed with familial pulmonary fibrosis, a condition in which there’s excessive scar tissue in the lungs. Both his lungs have failed. Now his heart too is giving up on him because of the excess pressure. It’s been six long years of living on oxygen cylinders and being in severe pain. He has to drag his oxygen machine everywhere he goes.

“That didn’t stop my son. He said with whatever time he has left, he will make the most of it. He gave his class 10 board exams from the hospital. He recently gave his class 12 exams, and we had to carry 7 oxygen cylinders every day to the examination hall so that he could make it.”
Sougata is now surviving on an oxygen machine, but he needs an urgent lung transplant to live. Without this, he will be counting down to his last days.

He's a student of Nava Nalanda school, West Bengal

This single mother has been struggling to get by, but she hasn’t given up on her son

Ever since her husband passed away in 2012, Pratima has been struggling – to get by, and most of all, to keep her son alive. Friends and family have come together to help her, but now it’s not enough. The lung transplant costs 60 lakhs and Pratima has no income.

“I get pension from the bank that my husband used to work at, but that’s hardly enough. Some days I feel so helpless, but watching Sougata take everything in his stride gives me courage. He’s so brave and practical. He’s so loving. But I know how much he’s suffering. He watches the neighbourhood kids playing cricket outside…. I know he hopes that one day he too will be able to do that.”

Now, Sougata is determined to survive

Sougata had accepted his fate. He thought he wouldn’t make it, but a few months ago his doctor introduced him to a young boy who got a lung transplant. Ever since then, Sougata has been positive about his recovery. He wants to get better, study well and take care of his mother. He wants to live.  
Unfortunately, Sougata is now running out of time without a lung transplant. His mother has done everything in her power to get him treated until now. This time, she needs your help.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.
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