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Solar energy has brought relief from frequent power cuts to Tarannapurnna SHG

I met Tarannapurnna SHG of Tarbha block in Sonepur District of Orissa on 27 December, 2014. The village where the group resides is easily accessible by the road. Out of 12 members of the group, 10 had taken solar energy loan from Milaap to buy the solar lanterns. It has been 3 months since the group took the loan. While the village has electricity connection to almost each and every household, the frequent power cuts make the lives miserable. The power cuts are often during the peak hours of morning and evening when the electricity is most required. The traditional solar lamps have not been comfortable to use especially due to awful smell, smoke and unreliable supply of Kerosene itself. In such situations the solar energy has been no less than a boon for these people which ensures that their work do not get halted due to non-availability of light. The group members work on agricultural fields and grow paddy, pulses and vegetables. With the help of the enterprise loan from Milaap field partner, some of the group members have also started cow and goat rearing business. The group leader Padmini has been weaving cloths at her home by using household hand-loom machine and selling them in the local market.

Tarannapurnna SHG