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16-Year-Old Aspiring Musician’s Life Has Been Ravaged By Cancer And This Is His Only Chance To Survive It

Cancer has changed him completely, from the way he looks to the person he is. He was so cheerful, now even the music he loves doesn’t bring a smile on his face. Our Snehashis is lost and depressed, and I have no way to save him.

Snehashis’ happy days are only but a distant memory for him and his parents, Swapan and Parvati. His guitar now lays abandoned in their home in West Bengal, while he shuffles in his hospital bed in Chennai. Music once consumed his life, but now all he feels is the pain. Blood cancer has taken away everything from Snehashis, even the little hope that he had left. Swapan and Parvati are desperate and running out of time to save their son from cancer. 

They thought his year-long fight with cancer had finally ended

Snehashis was first diagnosed with blood cancer in February 2017. As shocked and distraught as his parents were, they knew that they would everything in their power to get him treated. Months of chemotherapy later, they took home a seemingly recovering Snehashis. Unfortunately, Snehashis’ fight was long from over.

“My wife still hasn’t recovered from the shock that his cancer is back. Snehashis keeps asking me when his treatment will end, and I keep telling him that it’s only a matter of few weeks, but I know that’s not true. After chemotherapy, we thought that he would finally start living a normal life. Now we can't even see him without wearing the facemask, he's that vulnerable to small infections.”

Snehashis was preparing for this class 10 board exams when he was first diagnosed with cancer. He was only just recovering and returning to a life of normalcy when his cancer relapsed.

Snehashis doesn’t know he has cancer, his parents fear it will completely break him

It feels like another lifetime ago where he would come and play his guitar for us and we would sing along to all his favourite Arijit Singh songs. He loves music and the house would be filled with the latest Hindi music. Now there’s only a deafening silence when we’re with him. He doesn’t talk much and is sinking into depression. Even music doesn’t help now. If we tell him he has cancer, I think he’ll give up.

He has very little time to fight against this dreadful disease

Swapan and Parvati can’t bear to tell their already crumbling son that he has cancer. They’ve told him he has a blood infection, and his curious questions are met with encouragement, hiding the tragic reality that their only son has little time left to fight without a bone marrow transplant.

A bone marrow transplant is his only chance to live

Swapan and Parvati have already spent nearly 20 lakhs on his treatment by borrowing heavily from family and selling the land they owned. They’ve exhausted all their savings on his treatment last year and now stare at a dead-end. Another bone marrow transplant is above and beyond what they can afford or even arrange by taking loans.

“I will do anything to save my son, but all the doors are closed now. I went to everyone the first time he underwent chemotherapy and bone marrow transplant, I can’t turn to them again. I haven’t gone to work in the last 3 months, we have little to get by with now.”

This is his last chance to survive

Snehashis underwent a bone marrow transplant in April this year. Unfortunately, the transplant wasn’t a success and he now needs another bone marrow transplant to make it. This is his only chance to escape the clutches of cancer and he needs your help to do it.

How You Can Help

Snehashis dreams of becoming a music composer one day, but his future is at a standstill once again because of cancer. A bone marrow transplant can save his life, but his parents have nothing left to save him after spending everything they had on his first treatment. Their only son can be saved and given a new life only with your support.

Your support will save Snehashis’ life.

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