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This 13-year-old daughter of a driver wanted to become a topper but cancer has brought her life to a stop.

13-year-old Sneha has been fighting cancer for over 2 years. Her father who is a driver has reached out to his friends, relatives, neighbours for treatment but in vain. Sneha's dream was to become a topper in school and maker her parents proud. But now she is in the hospital, not knowing if she will stay alive to see another day.

It was 9 o'clock, the school bus was just about to reach. Girls and boys, dressed in their school uniforms waiting to board the bus. Suddenly their eyes caught Sneha, the 12-year-old who was waiting along with them to board the bus. She looked ill and before anyone could approach to ask if she was okay, she fell unconscious on the road. A crowded surrounded her. One of her friends ran to her house and informed her parents. A worried father carried Sneha to the hospital.
Until that day, everyone who knew Sneha didn't know that she was a cancer survivor. They didn't know that Sneha's was on the verge of giving in to death a year back. But just when her parents thought they are getting their daughter back, cancer which threatened her life was back.

Sneha is 13 years old now. Her father, Satheesh, is a driver and earns less than Rs 10,000. Her mother, Raji, is a homemaker. Sneha has an elder brother who is studying in college.

Sneha needs to undergo a bone marrow transplant to survive

When Sneha was diagnosed with cancer in 2014, her doctors advised chemotherapy. After a year of treatment, she was completely fine and was returning to normal life. But the news of her cancer relapse has shocked the family who is now struggling without funds.

Doctors have recommended a bone marrow transplant to save her life. Sneha needs a donor for her transplant. The cost of the transplant is 20 lakhs. It's is a huge amount for Sneha's family.

Sneha was one of the bright students in her class. After one year of chemotherapy, she was advised to a take break from studies but she insisted on continuing her classes and resumed school.

"She has a lot of dreams and we know how she longs to continue her studies. We want her back. She knows her condition very well and she is scared. We can't watch her suffer her like this", says Raji

Her brother has come forward to be a donor.

The transplant requires a donor and luckily for Sneha, her brother is a match to be the donor.  Her brother is ready to go ahead with the transplant and save Sneha.
Sneha's brother, Sachu, is very close to her. He is in college but his studies are starting to get affected as the family is unable to pay the college fees on time.

Sachu cannot believe how cancer has affected his sister. "I can't recognise her now.  She has lost weight, her hair. They way she looked before is now is so different." 

How you can help

Sneha has a long future ahead and her dream is used to pursue education and support her family. With our help, she can be saved. With our support, Sneha's family will get their daughter back.

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