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Tips and Tricks for Sharing Your Milaap Campaign

Once you have constructed your campaign online, the next step is to reach possible donors. We believe that the most unexpected people from the most unexpected places turn into donors.
To make your campaign a success there are many things that you can do and here we list down some tips for you.

  • Go Viral: Your campaign is your story, do not shy away from it. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat are some of the social platforms with a billion eyes on it every second. Use them!
  • Facebook First: Start by creating an exclusive page for your story. Make your friends share it on their walls or even with their contacts on the messenger. If you are a part of any closed or open groups; share the link to your page within the groups.
  • Twitter Tells: Take onto twitter and create a creative hashtag for your campaign. Post a picture to make it even more effective.
  • Inspire on Insta: When it comes to Instagram using the right hashtags or tagging just the right people works wonders. Tag all the newspapers and their official pages. Any name that pops to your mind who you think can be influential – find them on Instagram, follow them, tag them.
  • Story on Snapchat: A small 1-minute or a 30-second video with you talking and approaching the people can work like a magic wand.
  • Offer Perks: If possible, while sharing your campaign on these platforms, add some perks or rewards, e.g. take the people public who share your campaign the most or express your gratitude by meeting them or offering a little something.
  • Call to Action: You need to create an urgency for people to help you now. If your campaign does not show that urgency, people might read about it, save that tab for later and then forget. You need to make people help you there and then. Words like now, today and use of exclamations helps a lot.
  • Print and Pin: Get some posters printed in bulk, you can convince your newspaper guy to add one to every bundle. Take onto local shops be it the grocery store or a barber, they don’t even have to distribute these; just convince them to put up one at their shop. While paying money or waiting at the billing counter, people tend to read what is visible to them.
  • Delight the Donors: When a person contributes to a cause he has only one slight doubt- is this true and worth my money of just a hoax. Keep them updated about how close you are to make it all right or how has their contribution helped and how grateful you are to them. Make it a journey for them too and walk the road together!
Try everything from your end to make it work. Even if each of these tricks could get you a donor, then this is worth the effort. Humanity and goodness always existed, it just requires a decent outlet to come forward.