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Single Mother of an One-year-old Battles all Odds to Save her Baby’s Life

One-year-old Vyga, daughter of a single mother has brought immense happiness to her mother with love and laughter. She was perfectly healthy until 2 months of age. She developed a severe cough and cold and the condition worsened day by day. She was rushed to the hospital to find out she was has a serious condition called Pancreatitis.

Vyga is hospitalized for the past 2 months and has excess fluid accumulation

She struggles to breathe and everyday fluid has to be drained from her chest

Baby Vyga’s stomach is swollen heavily. A large amount of fluid is accumulated in her chest and abdomen. This interferes her breathing and the fluid has to be repeatedly removed through tubes. She initially showed signs of improvement but very soon she continued to develop repeated episodes of fluid accumulation and was hospitalized repeatedly. For the past eight months, her mother has been running to hospital and home back and forth.

She can be fed only via tubes and need to gain weight to undergo a surgery

Now Vyga is hospitalized completely for the past two months and having repeated draining of the abdominal fluid. She is fed through a tube placed in her intestine. This little one underwent abdominal surgery to help drain the fluid and allow her to eat normally but since the pancreas is inflamed, a definite surgery could not be done.  She needs to improve her weight and needs to wait 3-6 weeks before a definitive surgery could be done.
Vyga has to gain weight and undergo a surgery to eat normally

“How much can anyone be expected to deal with? I don’t understand why I have to suffer so much. I have learned to accept pain but I can’t bear to see my child fighting for life”

Vyga's father left her mother when she was carrying

Vyga’s mother Anitha has been fighting hard battles even before Vyga was born, when Anitha was carrying her husband left her. This was a big blow to her but she gathered all her strength and survived the hardships only to have a healthy baby. Her rollercoaster experience continued when Vyga was diagnosed with this life-threatening disease. She is completely shattered. She was working as an asst nurse and she resigned during her pregnancy. Now she is desperately looking for another job because there are no other means she could support her daughter.  

Her grandparents have closed their petty shop and now taking care of Vyga

Vyga is now in the care of her grandparents who are already weak and sick because of their age. Grandparents were running a petty shop near the house and were earning Rs 4,000 on an average. Now they have shut down the shop since Vyga was admitted to the hospital. Despite their age and weakness, they are doing all that is possible to help her recover completely. They have exhausted all their savings and whatever they had.

“I’m so unfortunate to see my daughter and granddaughter fighting for their life. I don’t know what I can do at this age but I’m willing to do anything to save her. She is our world”
Vyga with her grandparents in the hospital

How you can help

Little Vyga is now taken care by her grandparents. She cries for her mother but her mother is forced to look out for a job and cannot afford to be with her now.  She is fighting confidently and so are the doctors but it is a long and difficult road ahead. They are barely able to meet their needs. All that they want is Vyga to live and grow healthy. They have already Rs 3lakhs debt and need Rs 10 lakhs to cover the treatment expense. Your contributions can help this little one to recover from the disease and support the single mother’s battle.

You can also do a bank transfer/UPI to the following account (Vyga's mother)
A/c Name: ANITA M
A/c Number: 80808080101022400

Supporting Document

The specifics of this campaign have been verified with the concerned hospital. For more details, please contact the campaign organizer or the hospital.

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