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1-year-old Vyga with a swollen stomach urgently needs help

When Vyga was just two months old she developed a severe cold and cough which quickly escalated to difficulty in breathing. Upon diagnosis, it was found that 1-year-old Vyga is suffering from Pancreatitis.

What is Pancreatitis?
Pancreatitis is the swelling of the stomach that causes internal bleeding, vomiting, fever and can lead to the infection spreading to other parts of the body as well.

For the last two months, Vyga has been in the hospital in a critical condition. Over and above the swollen stomach, Vyga has persistent fluid collecting in her chest and stomach which is making it difficult for her to eat. She has been on tube feeding for the last two months and has lost a serious amount of weight.

Due to her age, action needs to be taken at the quickest and she needs to undergo pancreatic surgery to survive. However, due to the rapid drop in weight, Vyga can only undergo surgery after she gains a certain amount of weight in order to avoid risk.
 She struggles to breathe and everyday fluid has to be drained from her chest. 

Baby Vyga’s stomach is swollen heavily. A large amount of fluid is accumulated in her chest and abdomen. This interferes her breathing and the fluid has to be repeatedly removed through tubes. She initially showed signs of improvement but very soon she continued to develop repeated episodes of fluid accumulation and was hospitalized repeatedly. For the past eight months, her mother has been running to hospital and home back and forth.

She needs nutritional treatment as well as a surgery which all amounts to around 10 lakhs.

Her mother and her old grandparents are Vyga's only family. Her father abandoned her mother while she was still in her mother's womb. Vyga's grandparents who own a small tea shop do not have the funds to pay for her surgery. Vyga's mother just became a nurse but still does not have the funds to save her daughter.

“I’m so unfortunate to see my daughter and granddaughter fighting for their life. I don’t know what I can do at this age but I’m willing to do anything to save her. She is our world”
 Vyga's helpless grandparents are willing to do whatever it takes to  save her

This family is helpless and willing to do whatever it takes to save their baby girl. Your contribution can save Vyga's life. 
Estimation Letter
Estimation Letter
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30th November 2017
Dear Supporters,

Thank you for supporting and donating for her treatement. We have done two surgeries for Vyga this admission - one major surgery and  the other multiple drainages of the abdominal collections and she is stable now.

The final surgery is planned at a later date. We had budget of  Rs 10 lakh for her treatment and we have received Rs  5 lakh which has been used for her current treatment and nutritional rehabilitation. At present she is stable and we plan to continue her rehabilitation and follow up in the OPD. Meanwhile if she develops further complication the surgery will have to be planned at that time. Thank you once again for the generous donation for Baby Vyga.

Dr. M Geetha
Aster Medcity

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Get well soon baby.

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Get well soon..

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God bless her recover soon.

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