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Cancer Has Made Vishal Give Up On His Own Life Even As His Family Struggles To Save Him

Vishal is a 38-year-old who has been taking treatment continuously for a whole year. His Blood Cancer is stubborn and not getting better. His only option now is a bone-marrow transplant. But the procedure is expensive and Vishal is asking his family to give up on his treatment. But his brother, wife and three small children are hopeful that he will be saved.

Vishal with his mother at the hospital

Vishal asks his brother to take care of his children when he is gone

Cancer is life-changing for many patients. The medicines are harsh and the treatment is very expensive. The patient has to stop working and become completely dependent on caregivers. All this while grappling with the fact that you may succumb painfully to the disease.

It acts on differently on different people. Since his treatment has not given good results, Vishal feels like a burden to those around him. His treatment cost over Rs 15 lakhs and his family is in debt. As the sole earning member of the family – he feels guilty about leaving behind debt for his children. 

Vishal with his daughter Bittu (left) and son Chinnu (right) before he became sick. The children are with their grandparents in Nagpur now

“He asked me to not spend any more on getting him treatment. He says, he just wants to spend the rest of his days in a holy place like Haridwar where he can pray for a better life for his three children. I don't know what I can say that will encourage him – his treatment has not gone as we expected,” says Ravi, Vishal's younger brother.

Vishal has taken 8 rounds of chemotherapy since his cancer was diagnosed last October. Even after suffering terrible side effects and taking high-dose medicines – the cancerous cells in his blood remain. The only hope the family has left is a bone-marrow transplant that will kick-start normal blood production again. But the process is expensive and Vishal doesn't want his family to borrow any more. 

Vishal is worried about what his family will do if something happens to him

Vishal is a happy, energetic person who is going through a terrible time

“He was always full of life. He loved laughing and travelling. Even now, we have reconnected with each other in a new way. But the expenses are making him feel guilty and the constant treatment over last year has left him tired. But the rest of us are not ready to give up. If bone-marrow transplant will save him then I have to make it happen somehow.” says Ravi.

When Vishal first fell sick – the doctors thought it was dengue. But later blood tests showed the family that it was something much worse. For his family, Vishal wanted to get better and started treatment immediately. Unfortunately, his Cancer simply did not reduce. 

Vishal on a pilgrimage with his brother Ravi

Vishal worked in a small company in Bangalore and the early bills were paid through his savings and his insurance. But when the income stopped coming, it got harder to keep the treatment going. Eventually, they had to borrow from relatives even for their daily expenses.  

At the moment, Vishal does not dare to hope anymore. But it is too soon to give up hope. Vishal's family is waiting for him to get better and go back home. All they need to make this happen is a little bit of support and encouragement.

How you can help

A bone marrow therapy is the right medical choice for Vishal. It will give him a good chance to finally beat his cancer and chose life over despair. He has gone through a lot in the last one year, contribute to help Vishal beat Cancer for himself and his family. 

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