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This Widow’s Son Is Unconscious From A Bloodclot In The Brain And She Is Struggling To Save Him

The last thing I said to him was, “You’ll be fine in the morning.” He never woke up.

Naveed is 9. He is not like other boys you normally see. He grew up without a father, and that has made him more sensitive to people. He was healthy. A fever has him lying unconscious in the hospital and I am terrified of losing him.

In a night, I almost lost my son

My name is Sajid Farheen. I lost my husband to an accident. We live with my brother, Ali, and his family in Hyderabad. Ali has not just given us a place to stay and food to eat but is also putting Naveed through school. Naveed loves school. He was fine until he came home with a temperature and a cold.

I gave him medicines the day before yesterday and put him to sleep. I woke him up yesterday morning, and he just would not open his eyes. For a minute, he said his eyes were hurting, and I saw his eyelids flutter. After that, my son has not moved.

He has a blood clot in his brain

We rushed Naveed to the closest hospital. They said he needed to be in a pediatric specialty hospital and that his fever had affected the brain. At Rainbow, the doctor ran a few tests. They gave us the diagnosis. He has a blood clot in his brain, and it caused him an intolerable headache.

My son is unconscious in the ICU. He is not even able to breathe for himself. He has not opened his eyes or spoken to me since that night. I do not know what will happen to him.

He is in pain and I cannot do anything about it

At the hospital, Naveed needs to be in the ICU until he is stable. After that, the doctor has advised treatment for managing the pain. My brother makes Rs. 16,000 as a lab technician. He has a wife and child to support. We have already spent Rs. 40,000 on Naveed’s diagnosis so far. Our bill has amounted to Rs. 2.67 lakhs.

My husband did not leave us much. We are dependents and do not have this kind of money. I am afraid I will lose Naveed if we cannot continue with this treatment.
My son is all I have. Your contribution can save my son.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.