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2-year-old Who Believes She's Stronger Than Her Father Needs Your Help To Beat Cancer

“She tells me that her bald head is stronger than mine. She tries to prove it by butting her head against mine. When I fake pain, she laughs. She says I’m weak and that the medicine has made her stronger than me. I don’t want to leave her even for a second. While her will is incredible, her body is not able to keep up.” – Karimullah (Father)
Sheema is just 2 years old. This year has been terrible for the family not because their baby turned into a toddler. Sheema is fighting cancer and her father is doing everything he can to keep her alive.

Nobody thinks of cancer when their child has a fever

3 months ago, Sheema had such a high fever that her eyes were swollen up. They took her to an ophthalmologist believing that she had an eye infection. Karimullah stayed home to give her eye drops every hour. When it did not help he took her to another hospital. She needed blood tests and the reports revealed she has cancer.

"I sold all of Razia's (wife) jewelry to start the treatment - there was no other choice. The doctor told us that any delay would make things worse. She has been getting chemotherapy. It is not enough to save her. Sheema needs a bone marrow transplant, and the cost is too high for me to afford,” - Karimullah.

She has only one fear - injections

Despite the high temperature, nausea and diarrhea, Sheema talks animatedly with her parents. It’s her childish babble and a sweet smile that keeps Razia and Karimullah going on in this struggle. She is extremely mischievous that even the nurses know what she is planning to say or do by looking at her eyes. The only time her smile disappears is when she is getting injections.

"Sheema begs me not to let the doctor give her injection. I tell her it will make her strong. She sometimes hides. I have to bribe her with a banana so she agrees for an injection. Bananas are her favorite, you see?  I used to tell her it will make her stronger, so she gobbles it up now hoping it will help her leave the hospital soon." - Razia

This desperate father needs help to save his only daughter from death

Karimullah works as a customer care executive in a BPO company. He earns Rs 12,000 a month, which is only just about enough to take care of his family. When the tragedy struck, selling his wife's valuables was not enough. He even borrowed around 3.5 lakhs from his colleagues and relatives to continue the treatment.

"She used to love going to the park every evening. Now, she is not allowed to leave her hospital room. Still, she makes do. Plays with her mother when I am not around, talks to the nurses a lot, and just runs around the room until she gets tired. When I look at her, I sometimes don't recognize her. Cancer has changed her face. Even if she doesn't show it, it has made her weaker, smaller, lighter." - Karimullah

“I have done everything I could to save my only daughter. The expenses of the treatment are overwhelming, the transplant costs 20 lakhs. I can't go to work knowing that she needs me now more than ever, but even if I go my income would never be enough to afford the transplant. She is very precious to me. Please help me save my baby,” -  Karimullah.
Your kind contribution can save Baby Sheema

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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