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9-year-old Samruddhi is Battling a Terrible Cancer and She Needs Treatment For Next Two Years

Samruddhi is a beautiful 9-year-old girl who is taking painful treatment for Blood Cancer for the last one year. A few days back, she was also diagnosed with Neutropenia - a blood disorder of the white blood cells. She is currently in ICU and she needs treatment for the next 2 years to recover completely.

Samruddhi's suffering started with kidney failure

She was vomiting continuously and had high fever

Samruddhi is the only child of Sunil and Vidya. She was healthy until last year and the last thing her parents expected was that Samruddhi would become a victim to Cancer. It started with vomiting a few months back. She was given some tablets but it had no effect on her. She was rushed to another hospital.

To her parents' shock Samruddhi was diagnosed with Cancer

Here, they found that Samruddhi had kidney failure. She was moved to ICU. Her condition did not improve, further tests confirmed that she had Cancer. She had Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia which is a most dreaded kind of cancer. Because it is blood cancer - it can spread to nearly every part of her body.

Chemotherapy has made this child fragile and exhausted

She could not endure the pain of chemo, it worsened her health

Samruddhi was immediately given chemotherapy. The little one could not bear the pain, soon she got a high fever and her blood count dropped drastically. Her body was reacting to the intensive treatment. She started vomiting again and had terrible stomach pain.  

Samruddhi's parents couldn't bear to see their child suffer but they consoled each other saying that treatment was a necessary evil to help her recover completely. But the nightmare continued for the family when she developed Neutropenia - a condition which causes a breakdown of the immune system leading to a number of infections.

Samruddhi at the beach before she got sick

Her parents were shattered to hear this and it was hard for them to accept the fact that their daughter had to cope up with the pain and trauma for next two years to recover completely.

She keeps pleading with her parents to take her back home

Samruddhi has stopped going school since last February. She has not given her class 3 exams. The happy little girl is now in constant pain and suffering. She is scared of injections and cries because she wants to go back home. She has been hospitalized for a long time.

Samruddhi has been hospitalized for nearly a year and is missing her home and school

Everything happened in a blink of an eye. The speed of how quickly the disease took hold of my daughter is frightening. The pain she is enduring daily is heartbreaking. Chemo has left her exhausted. I can’t bear to see her like this,” explains her father

Father has exhausted all his savings

Sunil is a videographer and Vidya is a housewife. Since Samruddhi's treatment began Sunil has been unable to work and has completely depleted his savings. The cost of cancer is emotionally and financially exhausting. He is struggling to even meet their basic needs. He has already borrowed a heavily for the treatment so far. He is afraid that it is beyond his means to support treatment for the next few years.

Her parents cannot afford the treatment

“I was working day and night to give her the best education, my wife and I had a lot of dreams about her education and future. Now I’m spending all that I have to save her life. I have no strength to even face her; she cries in pain and pleads to take her back home.”

How you can help

Sunil earns only Rs 8,000 per month and he is barely managing to meet expenses. He has already spent over Rs 5 lakhs on treatment and needs Rs 7 lakhs more to continue treatment for the next two years. Only your contributions can save Samruddhi's life.

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