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This Maid Is Running Out Of Time To Save Her Daughter From Liver Failure, She Has Few Days Left

Krishnaveni works all day. She works in three houses, all very far away from where she lives. Krishnaveni is a maid, and when she leaves her home early in the morning, she also leaves behind her sick daughter, Priyanka (8). It breaks her heart, but she has no other choice. Priyanka has liver disease, and her time is running out. Everything that Krishnaveni does, is for her.
“She’s very sick, but I have to leave her at the neighbours while my husband and I go for work. I fear that they will forget to give her the medicines on time. I keep running between work and Priyanka to check on her. On some days I just want to stay with her, I know she’s crying for me..but I can’t. Every rupee I earn is valuable to save her. But even if I work for 24 hours, I won’t be able to afford her liver transplant.” - Krishnaveni

Priyanka has not been blessed with a normal childhood. She has had jaundice 5 times till date. Due to this repetitive condition, her liver is fully damaged and only a liver transplant can save her.

"Everytime she had jaundice, she got cured. We thought this was it - she is going to be fine now. Despite her sickness, she used to love playing around with her siblings, going to school - her smile brightened up our days! But then her condition kept worsening - her pain started increasing with every passing day. It was as if the medicine wasn't having any effect on her..."

Two weeks - that's all she has got

Priyanka has only two weeks left to get a liver transplant and till then, she has to rely on medicines. These medicines have to be taken on time or else it can cost the little girl her life.

The medicine's effect doesn't last enough. As soon as the effect fades, she starts crying out holding her belly. I am not even around her most of the time to tell her that it will be okay. As soon as I get to see her, I can’t stop my tears looking at her red eyes and her hands on her swollen belly. I just… I just want my daughter to get well.”- Krishnaveni.

Sometimes she doesn’t respond at night and it is scary

Satyanarayana and Krishnaveni have spent so many sleepless nights, worried about their daughter. The scariest are the nights when she doesn't respond.

 "She is unable to sleep during the night and cries a lot in pain. Rarely she gets good sleep but when I wake her up for food or medicines, she does not respond at all. I get so scared thinking that I have lost my child. Every day I pray for a miracle to happen."- Satyanarayana, father

We can’t gather 25 lakh even if we work 24 hours a day

I am a daily wage painter and my wife works as a maid. We are already in a lot of debt. We end up spending Rs 40,000 every time we visit the hospital - from where will I get the money? Now whatever we are earning is only enough for the food and a few medicines. How will I save my daughter?- Satyanarayana, breaking into tears.

This family is in desperate need of funds to save their 8-year-old daughter. With your kind help, Priyanka can go back to her normal life without any fear of pain.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organiser or the medical team.

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