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Help 4-year-old Child on Life Support Fight Severe Pneumonia

4-Year-old Neenu was born healthy. She is a happy, active child and is a prime  reason for the family’s happiness. Recently, however, she was diagnosed with Pneumonia and now she needs breathing support until she recovers completely. This has brought much sorrow and hardships to the family.

Neenu will continue to be in ventilator support until she recovers completely

She was diagnosed with dengue followed by severe pneumonia

It was just like any other day for Neenu’s family. They never knew that a normal fever would turn this serious. Neenu was taken to a hospital and she was diagnosed with dengue. With treatment, she showed signs of improvement but the worst was yet to come. Two weeks later, she developed a sudden breathing problem. She was rushed to the hospital and was diagnosed with severe pneumonia and Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome.

Since then, Neenu has been struggling every day to breathe. A fluid leak into her lungs is blocking the oxygen from getting to her blood. Her condition got worse very fast and she was  moved to ICU. She is now on ventilator support and will continue till she recovers completely and free from any infection.

4-year-od Neenu before the diagnosis of pneumonia

“I don’t know how long it’ll take for her to recover but I can’t give up on her. I’m ready to do everything in my power for my daughter to have a life. I feel helpless”

Her parents cannot afford for the treatment any more

Neenu’s parents are devastated. Her father works as a serviceman for electronic products. He has no steady income. He has stopped going work ever since she was admitted to hospital. Her mother was working in a shop for a very meager salary of Rs 4,000. She has stopped a month ago. They are physically and emotionally exhausted because of the financial burdens of medical expense and loss of the job. Most importantly, to see their daughter in such a terrible condition, fighting for life is unbearable.

Neenu with her father Vino.P. James

“She is just a little girl who wants to play and jump but she is unable to even speak now. She is too young to understand that she is terminally ill. It is heartbreaking to see her suffer and fight for life”

How you can help

Neenu’s parents have exhausted all means to pay for her treatment. They have reached out to all their friends and family members. They are unable to pay their medical bills. They have already borrowed a huge sum for Rs 8 lakhs and require another Rs 6 lakhs to continue treatment. Only your contributions can save this little girl who is fighting for her life.

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The specifics of this campaign have been verified with the concerned hospital. For more details, please contact the campaign organizer or the hospital.

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