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I Lost My Daughter To This Disease And I Am Afraid I Will Lose My Son Too If I Cannot Afford Treatment

9-year-old Nagaraju should be going to school and play with his brother. Instead, he is in hospital fighting terrible cancer. His condition is very critical that only a bone marrow transplant can save his life.

He was diagnosed with a fatal blood disorder, BMT is the only curative option

8 months back, Nagaraju had a high fever. They went to a local doctor, he was given medications for fever and it did not help him. Doctors knew that he had much more serious problems and suggested to take bigger hospitals. Every time they saw a doctor, the news kept getting worse. They ended up in Egmore Children’s Hospital, Chennai. He was diagnosed with a fatal blood disorder. It causes low blood count and recurrent fever. His condition became even more critical and was taken to Apollo Children’s Hospital. Doctors said that Bone Marrow Transplant is the only curative treatment for his condition.

Nagaraju’s brother Ashok is a potential donor for the bone marrow transplant but unfortunately, after the tests, it was found that it was matching only 50%. His father has volunteered to be the donor for the transplant.

He does not know about his condition, but he fears operation

Despite the intense exhaustion following chemo and dreadful fever and pain, Nagaraju manages to smile and ask for his brother to play with him. Nagaraju is in 4th grade but now he can’t go to school fearing infections. He does not understand what is happening to him and he asks for his brother every now and then. His parents have told him that he has a fever but then he hears from everyone around and fears operation.

His parents have lost their daughter to the same disease

Nagaraju's parents Nagasree and Srinivasa Rao have lost their daughter Yogita when she was 9-years-old to the same disease. Yogita’s little body could not take the pain, she lost all her strength and she breathed her last leaving the whole family in despair. The tragedy did not end up with this when their youngest son was also diagnosed with the same disease, they were totally shattered.
He needs a bone marrow transplantation at the earliest

I feel so powerless as a mother, I saw my daughter losing her life in front of my eyes. Now it is unbearable to see my son fighting for his life. I can’t lose him, I have to save him at any cost” says Nagasree

He has spent all the money he had and now he is struggling to manage the expense

Srinivasa Rao is physically and emotionally exhausted. He is very anxious about his son’s health. He has already spent a lot of money for his treatment. He is struggling to make ends meet every day. He spends Rs 3000 for traveling to the hospital from the hometown. He has asked for money from everyone he knows. He is doing all that is possible to save the life of his youngest son.

“I’m literally begging to everyone to save my son. My son is asking me about his sister frequently. I have no strength to tell him what happened to her. I can’t let the same thing happen to him also” says Srinivasa Rao
Now they have no source of income and cannot afford the treatment

How can you Help

Srinivasa Rao and Nagasree are daily wage workers. They earn hardly 200-300 rupees per day. They need 30 lakhs to do the bone marrow transplant which is beyond their means. He would need to continue the treatment for 2 years. Now he has no source of income.

 Only your contributions can save him.

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