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3-year-old Cries Through The Night In Pain Because Of Her Dying Liver

“Bhavya’s stomach swells to the size of a basketball. She screams out of pain so much that we are forced to drain the fluid from her stomach every day. Bile is making her blood toxic. She needs transfusions. The worst part is she has diarrhea over 8 times in a day. The dehydration itself will kill her.”
Dharani and Sharanya do not have even a single sweet memory of their 3-year-old daughter Bhavya's childhood. It’s all about her suffering. She is running out of time and the parents realize this everytime they even look at her.

Parents contemplate suicide, unable to save their children

Dharani makes around Rs. 500/day as a worker. As young parents, neither Dharani nor Sharanya were ready to see their daughter fight for her life. Knowing fully well that they cannot afford to save Bhavya, these parents often think about killing themselves.
"When she was just 1.5 years old, we noticed that Bhavya’s stomach was abnormally swelling up and she was having difficulty in breathing. 'Vali' was one of her first words. It means pain. We got to know tat her liver is damaged and the treatment would not be afforable to people like us."

Not one, but both their children are struggling with the same disease

Just when the parents thought that they will somehow sail through the situation, an even harsh reality struck them. Their 1.5-year-old son, Ritesh was diagnosed with the same disease. 50 percent of his liver is damaged. His transplant can wait, but Bhavya is running out of time.

“The doctor had told us, that the minute we see her eyes or nails turn yellow, we should rush to the hospital for a transplant. We hoped it would never come to that, but when the moment came, I realized we did not have enough money.”

With every minute's delay, Bhavya's body is shutting down

Dharani was hopeful that medicines will improve her condition but it has only pushed her towards death. As soon as she was diagnosed with her liver disease, she started on blood transfusions. Doctors said that it might help her liver condition improve a bit. Unfortunately, it has not. When the time came, Dharani did not even have a rupee to admit her to the hospital.

"Bhavya cries and fights with us all day every day. She throws so many tantrums. This is the only way she can express her pain."

The pain will only get worse unless she gets a liver transplant

Bhavya writhes in pain every day, bringing her parents to tears. She is tired and weak all the time. She hates going to the hospital every day on a bike. Her parents have no choice but to put her through that pain as they cannot afford a room at the hospital.

"It is about 55km away from home, the hospital. If I cannot afford petrol, I borrow a friend's bike and take her. With her big belly, she finds it difficult to sit on the bike for an hour and half one way. She keeps crying 'Vendam! Vendam!' We do not have any other choice as there is no money to move, or rent a room, or admit her to the hospital."

This sole breadwinner may end up losing his job

Dharani wanted to work overtime so that his extra earnings could help them for Bhavya's treatment. Now he has to spend most of his time in the hospital. Dharani is the donor for the little girl. What scares him the most is that he might lose his job.
"I have a father who is unstable and needs extra care. I have Bhavya who hanging onto life by the last thread. If we delay this any further, even the transplant will not be possible and we will lose her forever. It is very difficult for Sharanya and me to keep fighting on."

How you can help

3-year-old Bhavya’s liver condition is worsening every day. At any time, her condition will deteriorate to an extent where medical intervention will be futile. For the past 1 and half years, her father has spent brought from all resources so that she could live a little longer. Now the cost required for the liver transplant is Rs 20 lakhs. Money and time is the only constraint for the little girl.

Your contribution will not just save Bhavya's life but her entire family.

Supporting Documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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