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His Insides Are Burning Like Hell Due To A Disease Which Has No Known Cause

“There is some kind of infection inside his body which is making most of his organs swell, including the heart, kidney, lungs and liver swell up to a much larger size and causing excessive burning. The burning is so extreme that parts of his body like his ears have burned from the inside out. It’s like watching a human on flames but my baby is feeling that from the inside of his body, we cannot even see what it is like. How can anyone be made to suffer so cruelly?” - Maya, Atharva's mother

A deadly and extremely painful disease with an unknown cause

12-year-old Atharva is suffering from an extremely rare disease called Kawasaki disease. A deadly and extremely painful disease with an unknown cause. They have already lost a lot of precious time in identifying the disease. What started off as a fever and little vomiting, Atharva is now in a condition where he is unable to breathe, sit or generally exist without moaning in unimaginable pain. A disease that took days to be detected and diagnosed, can take this 12-year-old’s life.

1 out of a 100,000 suffer from it

“Doctors say, 1 out of a hundred thousand children may suffer from this disease. We always told Atharva he was special, gifted, one of a kind but now he wonders if this is what we meant. My son has not had a fever of less than a 105 degrees since the last few weeks. It keeps fluctuating between 105 to 108 degrees. Imagine, normally if it would be even a 102 degrees, any parent would start worrying. And here we are, where a 102 degree fever will feel like a blessing!” - Shivaji More, Father of Atharva

Aspiring to be a pilot, this school topper craves to go back to school, play cricket and ace his exams. Most people hope to get out of their ordinary life but Atharva wishes nothing more than to just have his normal life back. An active, enthusiastic child like Atharva has experienced the definition of pain. Sometimes he feels like giving up, but how can his parents let him? He is their everything.

Shivaji, Atharva’s father, works at a private company earning approximately Rs. 7,000 a month. They have already estimated a bill of Rs 8 lakhs till now. With the help of family and friends, they have come this far. Now, they need your help to get their child out of the burning hell he is surviving in.

Supporting Document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organiser or the medical team.

Maya and Shivaji need your help to save Atharva. Click here to help them get their child out of this misery.