10-year-old Anusha needs a heart transplant to walk, play and go to school again | Milaap
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10-year-old Anusha needs a heart transplant to walk, play and go to school again

Anusha is in the final stage of heart failure and her every waking moment is filled with pain and misery. She has moved far from the stage where her parents consoling her makes her feel any better. She is unable to eat, sleep and even walk because of the constant pain and only a heart transplant will make her better.

Anusha no longer believes her father when he says she will be all right

Anusha is a 10-year-old from a small, sleepy village in Kolar. Her father Gopal drives a small van and has a small farm where they grow food. Her mother Rajeshwari is a housewife who also works on the fields. Anusha and her brother lived with their aunt in the next village and went to an 'English-medium school' because their village did not have connecting buses.

Anusha with her parents in the hospital

But her parents' life changed when she fainted and vomited blood four years back. Her parents' shock turned to horror when they learnt that their daughter's heart was failing and she needed a heart transplant. Since then, they have visited many heart-specialty hospitals in many cities in a struggle to keep Anusha alive.

“She used to be so happy, but so much changed for her. Now, she has become very thin. If she takes a few steps, her breathing becomes heavy and she looks like she is choking. She doesn't sleep and cries all night saying her hands, head, legs and back hurt,” says Gopal. 

Anusha is severely underweight and has become very weak due to her heart condition

In the last four years, Gopal and his wife Rajeshwari have taken Anusha to hospitals in Udupi,  Mysore, Bangalore and Chennai, hoping desperately for a cure. A heart transplant is an expensive affair and they would never have the funds to pay for it.

Gopal has borrowed heavily to save his daughter

Every once in 10 days, Anusha's stomach and limbs fill up with fluid that needs to be drained. The parents need to catch the bus to Mysore – the nearest town to go to the hospital and ease Anusha's discomfort. No matter how many corners they cut, Gopal is struggling to keep up treatment for his child. 

Anusha's body fills up with fluid that needs to be drained at a hospital every 10 days

“I earn Rs 10,000 every month, and every bit of it is spent on the treatment. For food and travel to the hospital – I ask my sister, relatives and even the local money lender for help. It is costly, but money can be made again. My child's life is important. I can't think about paying back my loans yet,” Gopal says. 

Gopal has mortgaged all Rajeshwari's jewellery and his father's small parcel of land and raised Rs 2 lakhs. Othewise, he is Rs 6 lakhs under debt. He has borrowed on compound interest which will slowly become a crushing debt, but to him his child's life is more important. 

How you can help

Every night is filled with despair for this family. Gopal and Rajeshwari listen to their daughter's painful cries and this is weakening their resolve too. Your contribution can help Anusha get a new heart and help this family get through this very difficult time. 

Supporting Documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organiser or the medical team.