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Sanitation Crisis In India - Together We Can Solve It!

Take a look at this video first. Then, we will talk! In India...
  • Close to 640 million people do not have access to toilets followed by Indonesia (58 million), China (50 million), Ethiopia (49 million), Pakistan (48 million) and Nigeria (33 million)
  • 18 percent of urban India still defecates in open while the percentage of rural India is as high as 69 percent.
  • At least 44 percent of the population defecates in the open only in South Asia.
  • Unsafe water, sanitation and hygiene claim the lives of an estimated 1.5 million children under the age of five each year.
  • This also underlines that open defecation leads to deadly diarrhoea and other intestinal diseases which kills hundreds of thousands of people worldwide every year.
  • Without access to latrines, many women and girls relieve themselves only under the cover of darkness. Night-time trips to fields or roadsides put them at risk of physical attack and sexual violence.
Shocked ? So are we! But gaping at facts alone is not going to solve the sanitation crisis in India. We have to join hands and eradicate the issue. You can donate for a cause and make a loan to a person in need to build toilet facilities.