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For 7 Years, This Little Girl Has Fought Cancer: Help Her Get Through This Last Leg Of The Race

Rajat and Mallika are in desperate need of funds to get their 15-year-old daughter treated. They wish to see their Sreeja study, get a job and marry someday. They believe one day she would be completely cured of this life-threatening disease and lead a normal life.

She has been sick since she was in LKG

Life was never easy for Sreeja since childhood. In 2009, when she was studying in LKG, Sreeja complained of severe body ache, fever, cough, and cold. The parents initially thought it to be fatigue and remained ignorant. But one day, her mother found her glands behind the ears were swollen. When taken to the local pediatrician, she was prescribed some antibiotics and advised to undergo some blood tests. 

“When the reports came, we were shocked. We could not believe that she was suffering from blood cancer. Her WBC count was unnaturally high, while the hemoglobin came down to become as low as 5. The very thought of the painful chemotherapy simply scared us. As parents, we thought we have failed and could not give a proper life to Sreeja. She should be in the school, but she spends more time in the hospital.

The Chemotherapy Was Supposed To Cure Her But She Had A Relapse

For almost undergoing aggressive rounds of chemotherapy and radiation for a couple of years, Sreeja was thought to be cured of Leukemia. The parents were extremely happy, however, the happiness was short-lived. The doctors concluded that it has relapsed for Sreeja and she needs to undergo the aggressive rounds of chemo again.

She again underwent the heavy doses for almost 6 months. But all the treatment were wasted all over again. Unfortunately, her disease relapsed again. “I did not know what to do, what to say. I became a stoic. In the first place to see my child undergo such a terrible disease is unbearable. And then I get to hear this from the doctor? It was extremely harsh for a child like her to bear such consequences.”

On 29th September Sreeja was admitted to the ICU at Medanta- The Medicity, Gurgaon as her new cancerous cells were detected. When the doctors went through her history, they advised a Bone Marrow Transplant. By God's grace, Sreeja underwent BMT in January 2017. However, the BMT took a toll on her. From March to May, her condition deteriorated. She could not stand anymore, spoke at a very minimal level, could not move her hands. She was again admitted to the hospital in mid-March.

Post-transplant, she was diagnosed with life-threatening diseases

She was detected with Acute Toxic Leukoencephalopathy which is a rare condition that is characterized by progressive damage to white matter in the brain, particularly myelin, due to causes such as exposure to drugs. Doctors are almost zeroed in that it has happened due to chemotherapy drugs are given to her.

Although Sreeja is responding to neurological treatment, it is very slow. The doctor has told that she will recover for sure but it will take maybe months and she needs to be kept under 24x7 observations and treatment at the hospital till she is able to swallow food and walk of her own. Finally, after fighting for 51 days in the hospital, she was discharged on 12-05-2017 and her condition started to improve.

“It seemed as if all these diseases did not want to go leave Sreeja’s body. On 4th July, she had a serious seizure attack and was rushed to the hospital via ambulance. My Jhilik has been suffering since she is 5. And now she is almost 13 years. Will she spend her entire life fighting against cancer?"

Finally, when she came home, Sreeja began consoling her parents

After Seeja came home on 24th July, Rajat and Mallika could not face her. They failed extremely low. But Sreeja is a real fighter. When her mother cries, it is Sreeja who consoles her. She always has this fighting attitude. She would say her parents not to break down since it is just the beginning. She aims to become a doctor in future and says her parents not to give up. She believes in herself rather than anyone else.

“Sreeja is an amazing painter. One day she aims to have a gallery of her own, but now when she can’t even hold the brushes by herself, I genuinely know that she is in pain.”
Every alternate week she has to go to the hospital for Donor Lymphocyte Infusion, while the other two times she goes for Lumbar puncture.

How can you help

Sreeja’s family is positive and believe that their daughter would be fine and lead a normal like any other child of her age. But, the biggest challenge right now for them is to urgently arrange funds for the surgery.

At 45, Rajat manages to earn 30000 per month while Mallika is a housewife. Till now, they have spent almost 20 lakhs, and now they are left with nothing.

Please support this young Sreeja so that Rajat and Mallika can see their only child live.

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