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Fatal Accident Leaves A New Mother In Critical Condition

Renuka was a happy mother of two beautiful girls, anticipating the birth of her third child. Her husband, Srramappa, made all the arrangements necessary including getting their rented house painted to welcome his newborn during Dushhera. Everything was in place, and according to the recent examination, the baby and mother were in a great condition. Nothing could have prepared this family for what happened next.

A fatal accident just when Renuka was due to deliver

With the due date drawing near, Renuka’s mother offered to come help around the house, and take care of the baby after birth. Srramappa relives that day when his instincts warned him not to leave Renuka alone while he went to greet his mother-in-law at Kolar bus depot. As he just reached the destination, a neighbor called hysterical about Renuka. She had fallen and was not moving. As they rushed her to the local hospital they realized she may require a CT for diagnosis, and she was immediately moved to Manipal Hospital, Bangalore.

The mother hasn’t seen her newborn

The CT scan revealed that Renuka had multiple seizures which caused the fall and a Right Frontoparietal Bleed with midline shift. The baby was immediately delivered and Renuka was rolled in for urgent craniotomy. Renuka has been hooked to a ventilator ever since and has not had a chance to see her adorable little girl. Although she is continuously being treated, her progress has been slow.  

“She has to get up to see our baby girl. I cannot let anything happen to the mother of my kids. But I don’t know what to do. I feel so helpless.” 

A previous accident caused a huge dent in their income

Srramappa was once a driver whose earnings were plenty enough for the household of four. A massive accident left him with a crushed knee, a shortened leg, and unemployment. He now does odd jobs at the local grocery store, with an income of less than Rs. 200/day.

“I know my wife needs this care.  know she is recovering but I don’t know how will I pay these piling bills? After my accident, our income is barely Rs. 200 a day.”

How can you help?

The families have mortgaged the only plot they own to settle bills amounting to Rs. 8 lakhs in 8 days. Doctors suggest she needs critical care for at least 45 days, with expenses estimated at Rs. 15 lakh.

Srramappa has been working to save and collect funds but is gravely short of the goal. Your support will really help this family at this stage of Renuka’s treatment. The funds collected will go to the hospital directly and you will be informed on her progress regularly. 

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