Help This New Mother Get Treated For Brain Haemorrhage And Survive

Srramappa and Renuka were expecting their third child in September end. Having been parents to two wonderful girls, they were as excited to welcome the youngest one. Their little rented house in Kolar was getting painted to welcome Dusherra with the new born. Renuka’s mother was going to visit them soon to help the new mother. Everything was going per the plan. A routine check earlier that week confirmed Renuka was baby were doing good and there were nothing Srramappa had to worry about.

"My neighbour wailed on the phone saying Renuka fell and isn't moving"

On the last Monday of September, Srramappa had to go pick up Renuka’s mother. With kids in school, he was left with no choice but to leave Renuka alone. Though the neighbours assured to look out for her, the husband in him wasn't feeling right. “It is our third time, still this nervousness?”, Renuka joked to calm his nerves.

Srramappa had just reached the Kolar bus depot. He got a call from their neighbour. “I remember holding the phone and thinking maybe this is it. I will become a father in few hours. But my neighbour wailed on the phone saying Renuka fell and isn't moving. I can't explain why I got a sinking feeling in my chest.”

The neighbours took Renuka to local hospital. But her condition required immediate CT scan to diagnose her condition. Lack the facilities was putting both mother and baby’s life in danger. They immediately brought her to Manipal Hospital, Bangalore. The CT scan revealed Renuka had multiple seizures which caused the fall and Right Frontoparietal Bleed with midline shift. The baby had to immediately delivered and Renuka had to rolled in for urgent craniotomy.

The baby girl awaits to be held by her mother 

Today, Srramappa is a father of a beautiful and healthy baby-girl. Tears roll down as he holds his daughter every time. Till date, Renuka has not held the baby even once. She is hooked to the ventilator. Though there has been improvements it has been very slow. This concerns Srramappa. “I know my wife needs this care.  know she is recovering but I don’t know how will I pay these piling bills? After my accident, our income is barely Rs. 200 a day.

When one accident left Srramappa with a 15 cms shortened leg, crushed knee and no job

Srramappa was driver. He earned well and it took care of the whole household. But in 2007, a massive accident left him with a 15 cms shortened leg, crushed knee and no job. Since then it has been a struggle to find a good paying job. Today, he works as a coolie in a small kirana store in his village in Kolar. “She has to get up to see our baby girl. I cannot let anything happen to the mother of my kids. But I don’t know what to do. I feel so helpless.”

How can you help?

Srramappa earns not more than Rs.200 a day. His and Renuka’s family had to mortgage the only land they own to settle bills worth 8 lakhs in 8 days. The Doctors suggest she needs critical care for at least 45 days more. The treatment for which costs 15 lakhs.

With no one to support, this family looks to kind-hearted individuals for support. Srramappa has been working himself trying to collect funds but have fallen gravely short of the goal. Your support will really help this family at this stage of Renuka’s treatment. The funds collected will go to the hospital directly and you will be informed on her progress regularly. Donate now

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the champion or the medical team. 

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27th April 2017
Dear supporters,

I am Debotri, a fellow at Milaap. Here is an update on Renuka's treatment.

I spoke to Renuka's husband, Srramappa, this morning. "My wife is getting better with each passing day. It gives me goosebumps whenever I recall those days. She was hospitalised for almost 3 months and she did not regain consciousness for a couple of months and underwent a lot of trouble during those days. Renuka's condition was so serious that she only saw the baby when she was 3 months old. However, things have improved. And this was only possible because of the donors to came forward to make this happen. I will be indebted to you throughout", he said.

The medication is providing immunity against the life-threatening disease.  Renuka can eat her meals on her own, she responds, but still not in a stage where she can walk by herself.

Currently, the family is in their hometown in Kolar. The child is taken care by Renuka's sister. "My sister is really lucky to have Srramappa in her life. He is extremely supportive", said the sister.

Tha family has to undergo post-operative medical expenses for Renuka which is little difficult for them to arrange. It would be really appreciable if you could share her story and help her fight the battle.

Thank you, donors, for your support and contribution. We will keep you posted on her progress.

Team Milaap

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