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Baby Raj Has One Last Chance To Beat Cancer And Your Support Can Save Him

"He’s been suffering since he was 9 months old. It seems like his pain is never-ending. It’s very difficult to watch him get injections every day. He always has tubes or needles poked into his body.  His brother had cancer too but he was lucky and recovered. Now, my second son is suffering. This is his last chance. We need to save him, says Gangadhar, Raj's father.

Reddy Raj hasn’t seen life beyond the hospital. This 4-year-old’s battle with cancer has been ongoing since he was only 9 months old. After spending months at the hospital ospHe is highly susceptible to infections and falls sick very often. Reddy’s only chance at recovery was a bone marrow transplant. Unfortunately, he caught a severe infection after the transplant and now needs further treatment to recover. Reddy needs injections and further supportive care to live.

He cannot stay in his own home for more than 5 days due to infections

Reddy Raj can’t even go back to the warmth and comfort of his own home. He is extremely vulnerable to serious infections, and every time his parents take him back home from the hospital, he falls sick. His father, Gangadhar, has to rush him back to the hospital every month.

“He’s at home for only about 5 days in a month. We’re so scared to take him back to our own home now because he starts coughing, vomiting and then gets a fever. It’s very dangerous for him to fall sick. We don’t know when his condition will become worse, but it’s so expensive to continue in the hospital all the time.”

 Reddy Raj has been living with the deadly disease for years now. Gangadhar thought his son’s battle with cancer was finally over when he got a bone marrow transplant and chemotherapy 2 years ago. However, his relief was short lived. Reddy caught a severe viral infection shortly after he was taken home from the hospital. Ever since then, Reddy has been receiving rigorous treatment for the same. 

His Parents Have Seen Both Their Sons Suffer From Cancer

The family has been through a lot. Gangadhar’s older son, Pavan Raj, was diagnosed with the same disease when he was 9 months old. Gangadhar's wife was pregnant with Reddy Raj when they learned about Pavan’s cancer.

“We didn’t know that it was only the beginning of our worries and troubles. Pavan was undergoing treatment when Reddy Raj was born. Once he received a bone marrow transplant, we thought our life was finally on the path to health and happiness, but we were wrong. Reddy was soon diagnosed with the same condition and all our hopes were shattered.“

Pavan made a full recovery after his bone marrow transplant. He is now 7-years-old, is active and goes to school. Unfortunately, the parents have another turbulent journey ahead since Reddy’s fight had only just begun.

They Have Exhausted All Their Money On Their Son's Treatment

Gangadhar and his wife work in a garment factory in Electronic City, Bangalore. All their savings and more have been completely exhausted on their children’s treatment. They spent Rs 40 lakhs on Pavan’s treatment and have already spent Rs 50 lakhs on Reddy’s transplant and treatment. They’re left with close to nothing now.

“We will do anything to save our son, but how are we going to arrange more money? We’ve already spent more than we could afford. We can’t even ask our family members because they have their own problems and it’s such a large amount. Reddy needs more injections and medicines to cure the infection, but I don’t know where to arrange for more money from anymore. I don't want to lose my son beacause of our financial inability"

Reddy needs Rs 8 lakhs to continue receiving treatment. He requires 4 injections that cost Rs 1 lakh each and needs further supportive care for which he’ll need an additional Rs 4 lakhs. Gangadhar has no means to pay for his treatment anymore.

Little Reddy has been fighting cancer for far too long now. Every time there’s a chance at recovery, he catches an infection that worsens his condition. Reddy’s only chance to recover is to receive treatments for his infections. With injections and medications, Reddy can get better and go home infection free. 

How You Can Help

Reddy Raj has been fighting cancer since he was just 9-months-old. His parents who already lost everything for treating his elder son is heart-broken trying to save his son from the same. This is the last chance they have to save their 4-year-old.  Our support will ensure that this little boy can survive just like his brother did. 

Supporting Documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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