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Abandoned By His Mother When He Was Only 4, This Child Is Now Fighting To Survive Kidney Failure

While most children his age are going to school and making new friends, 10-year-old Preetham lives a solitary life. He hasn’t been able to go to school in years because of kidney failure and doesn’t go out because he fears being laughed at when his face and body is swollen up due to the disease. Unfortunately, both of Preetham’s kidneys have now failed. Medications and dialysis aren’t enough to keep him alive anymore, and his condition is only deteriorating with each passing day. Preetham needs a kidney and liver transplant at the earliest to survive.

Preetham has been suffering for 5 long years with kidney disease

“During the bus journey back from a small trip, I remember him saying that he was feeling sick. I thought he would be okay once we got home, but it only got worse. The next morning his face had swollen beyond recognition. Then, his stomach started swelling up and he was in so much pain. I rushed him to the doctor. I was told that my son’s kidney had failed, but he could still make it because his other kidney was working. I didn’t know that it was only the beginning of my son’s long, painful journey with this disease.”

Both his kidneys have failed and dialysis isn't enough to save him

Preetham has primary hyperoxaluria - a condition in which the liver doesn’t produce enough enzymes that prevent the overproduction of oxalates - a natural substance found in food. These are usually eliminated through the kidneys, but in excess, oxalates cause kidney stones and eventually, kidney failure.

Preetham has been on medication and injections for nearly 5 years now. However, 4 months ago, things took a turn for the worse. Preetham was feeling weaker than usual. When Manjunath took him for a checkup, they were given the worst news – both his kidneys had failed, and he had little time left without a transplant. Only a kidney and liver transplant can save his life now, but Manjunath doesn't have the means to get him the treatment he needs.

Preetham with his father before the kidney disease took over his life

Preetham’s mother abandoned him 6 years ago, and his life hasn't been the same since

He was only 4-years-old when his mother abandoned him. She hasn’t met him or even called to ask about in all these years. A year after she left, Preetham was diagnosed with a serious kidney disease. My son has had no respite from pain, emotional or physical. I haven’t seen him happy in so long.  From an active and energetic child, he turned into a recluse. He never asks about his mother anymore. I’m his mother and father, and I’ve been single-handedly taking care of him since he was a baby. Even when he was born, his mother wasn’t around much, and one day, she left us both. Things have only gone from bad to worse since then. I couldn’t believe when they said his kidneys have failed. He’s so young, how will he fight against his own body giving up on him?”

Manjunath was forced to quit his job to take care of Preetham and is struggling to continue treatment

Preetham has been undergoing dialysis thrice a week for four months now. Manjunath is desperately trying to continue his treatment, but since he was forced to quit his job at a garment factory to take care of Preetham, he doesn’t have much to get by with.

Sometimes I don’t even have money for a blood test. It’s become very difficult to manage now. I’ve spent lakhs on his treatment over these 5 years, now I have nothing. All my savings are gone, and I don’t even have an income. I have to keep a close eye on him at all times. He can drink only 600 ml of water, and his diet is restricted, I need to take care of everything at home and the hospital. My only focus now is to make sure my son gets better and makes it through this. I have to save him, but I have no means to. This is his only chance to make it.”

How You Can Help

Preetham has been living with kidney failure for 5 years now, but he can’t go on any longer on just medication and dialysis. He needs a kidney-liver transplant to survive. Manjunath has spent everything he has on his treatment so far and is struggling to continue treatment. The 7.5 lakhs needed for the transplant is out of his reach. Preetham can make it with treatment, but he needs your help to get through this ordeal.

Your support will save Preetham’s life.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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