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Every Day 3-4 Litres Of Liquid Is Removed From Pooja's Bloated Stomach, A Liver Transplant Will Save Her

Pooja Sri is a 11-year-old fighting liver-failure. She has fought off grave illnesses from when she was 6-months-old. But now, she is in great pain and every day about 3-4 litres of liquid has to be removed from her stomach. She desperately needs a liver transplant to survive. Without it, she will not make it. Her time, her hope is running out.

Pooja's muscle mass has deteriorated and she is very weak now

Just 6 months after she was born, the doctors told her parents Srinivas and Maheshwari that their baby had cysts in her kidneys and would eventually need a transplant. Since then, she has regularly suffered from infection, pains, and weakness but she never let it get her down.

Pooja is in the hospital because she is very weak and needs to be constantly monitored

“She couldn't go out and play with other children because she is very weak. But she stayed home and made up fun games and other children would come home to play with her. Small, indoor competitions or make-believe playing,” says Srinivas. 
Srinivas is a constable with the police department in Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh and has recently started earning Rs 20,000 per month. With his limited income, every month, he would take Pooja to different doctors for 'treatment' that would make her kidney condition better.

Pooja takes it in her stride and makes up for it with her spirit and optimism. “Pooja is the talkative one at home. She loves to dress up and conduct play-fashion shows with her friends. She is the one who always finds a way to make us feel better if we are sad. Without her I can only imagine emptiness,” says Srinivas.

The recent illness has left Pooja unable to bear meeting any one

This April, when Pooja had just started class 7, she became very sick with jaundice. The doctors had warned her parents of a day like this – when one illness is all it took to make her critically ill. Pooja did not get better and now she needs an urgent transplant to live.

Pooja is in great pain and every day her about 3-4 litres of liquid has to be removed from her stomach

She is in the last stage and about 4 litres of fluid needs to be removed from her stomach every day. The procedure leaves her exhausted because she is also unable to eat or drink normally. All her muscle mass has been consumed and she has become very bony. 

Maheshwari's voice shakes when she talks of what has happened to her daughter. “She loved meeting people. But now, because of all the water and swelling in her stomach – she refuses to meet any one. Sitting by herself, crying over the smallest things. This disease has robbed me of my happy child. This thin, scared girl in her place is shutting every one out.
Pooja doesn't want to see any one now because of her condition

Maheshwari and Srinivas have been in Hyderabad the last 3 months for treatment. Pooja's older brother Chaitanya is back home and has not been told about the extent of her illness. The two are very close and it will upset him to hear that his sister is fighting for her life. 

Here's how you can help Pooja

Even with Maheshwari donating a part of her liver, Srinivas needs to arrange for Rs 10 lakhs to save his Pooja. Even if he sells off everything they own, he will not be able to arrange the amount. Our support in the form of contributions will free this girl of the pain she is going through. We cannot let her die- she has her whole life ahead of her.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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