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Help This 12-year-old Who Is Unable to Recognize Her Parents Because Of Multiple Brain Tumors

Until recently, Umavathy was a very normal 12-year-old girl, happy with her life in Tuticorin with her father Kanagavel, mother Pushpam and her siblings. She only recently celebrated her 12th birthday. With the diagnosis of a brain tumor, her little world had changed forever.

Umavathy has two tumors in her brain and one of them ruptured 

"A month ago, Umavathy was complaining of severe stomach pain. She began vomiting a lot. We took her to a local hospital. Medicines did not help her, instead, her condition became worse. At first, she had painful headaches we panicked when she began losing balance. One day she fainted. That was when we took her to the hospital again. We discovered she had two big tumors in her brain. One of them exploded and began taking her vision. She could not even recognize us."
Within hours of the devastating diagnosis, Umavathy needed treatment to save her life. She was taken to CMC Hospital, Vellore, in an ambulance. She had an immediate surgery to remove the ruptured tumor. She had to wait another 15 days to have the second surgery for removing the other malignant tumor in the brain.

She is the youngest in the family and has always been pampered, family is devastated to see her in pain

Umavathy is the youngest child and she has always been pampered by her family. Her sister Chitradevi (18) and brother Kumaravel (16) are feeling very restless and ever since the diagnosis, they hardly talk or go out. Kanagavel is burdened with the responsibility of arranging money for her surgery in a very short span of time. They know they cannot afford the treatment but they can’t give up on her for not having money. Her parents are feeling totally lost and relying completely on the mercy of God and the help of strangers to save their child from this dreaded pain and disease.

They have very little time to save her life

“Despite the terrible pain and the situation, she continues to be hopeful. She believes that she will return home and play with her brother after the surgery. Even if my wife and I work the whole year we’ll not be able to earn so much of money and we don’t have that much time in our hand. It is her hope and trust that is making me believe that we can save her life somehow” says Kanagavel

How you can help

Despite the serious condition, Umavathy’s strength of spirit and courage has been remarkable. She is dreaming to return home and live a normal life with her family. Her parents have to pay Rs 1,50,000 for the first surgery. The second surgery is quite critical and they have to pay another 3 lakhs for the surgery. Kanagavel and Pushpam are laborers and they earn Rs 200 per day on an average. They have been struggling to meet their ends, paying for the surgery is beyond their means.

Your contribution can save this teenager from losing her life to this terrible disease.

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