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7-year-old Dying of Liver Failure Begs To His Parents To Make The Pain Go Away

“For months we have been shuttling from hospital to hospital. We have dragged ourselves out of the village and to the cities to help our son find relief. Now, we hear that he is dying and our only chance at a cure is unaffordable.”
12-year-old Pavan Kumar is a smart boy. He was healthy and never really fell sick even for a day until he began to complain of stomach ache 6 months ago. Soon, his world turned upside down. Nobody understood why his condition deteriorated until he was diagnosed with Wilson’s disease. Pavan’s liver is damaged beyond repair and only a liver transplant can save him.

As farmers, we couldn't afford to give a better life to our child

Coming from a village, Pavan’s parents Mahadevayya and Mahalakshmi are farmers. They work day and night on their plot to make a living for their children. Pavan’s younger brother, Yogish lives in the city with his aunt.

“They adopted Yogish because they didn’t have a son. Sometimes I wonder if Pavan would have been better off living there with them.” – Mahalakshmi.
In the village, they live as a joint family with Mahadevayya’s brothers, parents and an extended family living under the same crunched roof. With a collective earning of Rs. 10,000, there is not much left of their savings at the end of the month.

We went to the doctors for a cure only to find out he was dying

Pavan showed up with a swollen stomach and swelling in the face. He also had a stomach ache. Local doctors prescribed medication but nothing seemed to help. After consulting several doctors, his parents discovered there was fluid accumulation in his liver. He was admitted to the hospital for 10 days in April. This is when Pavan was diagnosed with liver damage.
For 2 months Pavan was on medication. We brought him to Bangalore 15 days ago for a medical checkup. He was complaining of terrible stomachache and fever. Our local doctor said his condition did not look good. When we got here, his doctor told us that Pavan needed a liver transplant immediately. If he does not get a new liver within the next few days he will not survive.”

Without your help, we will lose our son

Pavan’s mother has been matched as a living donor. They are both undergoing the necessary pre-transplant procedures. Unfortunately, the family cannot afford more than Rs. 5 lakhs. The estimated cost for the procedure is Rs. 18 lakhs.

“We are selling everything we have. You see, in a village, farm lands are not that expensive. No matter what we do, we cannot pool more than Rs. 5 lakhs. I am feeling helpless right now.” – Mahadevayya.

How you can help

He wants a surgery. He does not know what that means. He does not know it is a transplant and he may not survive. He just wants to dig into his stomach to make the pain go away. He screams it out to us.”
Pavan has not lived even one moment without pain in the past six months. He is begging his parents to make the pain go away. Our support will give Pavan a pain-free life. Funds raised through this campaign will help Pavan stay alive.

Supporting Documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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