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Nijagunaya was getting treated for jaundice when he was actually suffering from irreversible liver disease.

This 21-year-old Nijagunaya is suffering from a liver disorder since 2012. He had dreams of being independent and taking care of his parents but now the family is scared of losing him to a life threatening liver disease.

We thought he had jaundice, but his diagnosis came as shock to us

Born to a farmer family of Belgam, Nijagunaya was always determined to do something big in life and take care of his family. It was in the year 2012 that Nijagunaya started complaining of severe stomach pain. His family took him to a local hospital. Initially, he was given some painkillers and sent back home. But Nijagunaya's continued getting worse. His brother Anand took him to a different hospital where doctors said he has jaundice.The parents were not worried much thinking it's simple jaundice.

 Things got serious when he started having problems relieving himself. His stomach was swollen and started having problems doing daily activities like sitting and sleeping.

His brother took him to Bangalore, a test report from the hospital shattered him. Nijagunaya was suffering from an irreversible liver disease.

His condition is getting worse with days

Nijagunaya has to be taken to the hospital very frequently to discard around 10 liters of urine from his body.
He always suffers from a bloated abdomen, he has lost his appetite completely, making him very weak. Recently even his lower limbs have started swelling because of fluid accumulation. This makes it extremely difficult to walk around.

It is impossible for this poor family to manage Nijagunaya's medical expenses

He belongs to a farmer family. His brother works as an assistant earning Rs.5000 per month. Managing the daily expenses of 5 members in the family with such little income is a challenge in itself. They have already spent more than 6 Lakhs for his treatment so far. The only survival strategy for him is Liver Transplant Surgery which would cost him 26 Lakhs. It is impossible for the family to arrange for such an expensive treatment. They have exhausted all their savings and even asked help from CM fund and PM fund. They have assured Rs.2 Lakhs from CM fund but it is way less than that what is required for the surgery.

“I am trying my best to arrange for funds for my brother, but my resources are limited, my friends and relatives helped me with whatever amount possible. We have exhausted everything in his medical tests and treatments. I don’t know how to arrange such a huge amount of money for his surgery”

How You Can Help

With your contribution, Nijagunaya can survive cirrhosis of the liver. Only you can help him come out of this pain and discomfort that has become a part of his daily life. He needs your help to undergo end his pain.

Supporting Document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organiser or the medical team.

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