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This 75-year old farmer had predicted a U-turn towards organic farming during the green revolution. He now seeks help to give the Jallikattu protests a new meaning

When Suresh and his friends returned from the US in 2002, they were lucky to have been mentored by Mukundan, whose works and foresightedness amazed them as they took up agriculture as just a hobby. Suresh currently heads Engineering Processes for all Indian operations at a Product Firm-- Calypso.

Mukundan is a pioneer in the field of diary farming using native Indian breeds. 

He is a farmer from Tamil Nadu and was the first person to introduce North Indian breeds in south. He is known for his traditional farming methodologies using no chemical fertilizers. He has dedicated his life to researching alternative techniques to make traditional farming commercially viable to small farmers.
Due to his opposition of what seemed then, a way of moving forward, he faced a lot of hurdles.
It was way back in the early 1980's that Mukundan first raised concerns about the long-term adverse affects of the green-revolution.  His family, his community and all other people had paid no heed to his protests against the use of chemical fertilizers, machinery and high-yielding varieties that would eventually lead the soil to lose fertility over time.

Mukundan's work was finally recognized in the late 90's.

This was when people started looking for alternative methods to chemically-induced nutrition. With the turn towards Organic Farming, Mukundan started receiving more and more appreciation and acknowledgement for his work. He had, by then lost the support of his family, but never gave up on his vision to find methods for sustainable agriculture and farming

He wishes to extend the Jallikattu movement and give it a meaning.

Now, with the debates regarding Jallikattu at full swing, Mukundan has come up with a way to sustain these native breeds of Indian bulls, by using them for methods of traditional farming. The idea is production of pure, cold pressed sesame and groundnut oil using bullocks in traditional way with 1 RPM (rotation per minute) BY this process oil retains its natural rich nutrients, aroma and flavor which is very good and beneficial for our health.

This machine or cheku is not commercially available, it has to be custom built, hence the cost. 

This process and machine will be a reintroduction of tradition oil extraction system which is the right way. This unit will be demonstrated to many farmers across villages and get them interested in traditional methods of producing these oils. This in turn will increase demand for native bullock which might otherwise be sent to slaughter.

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