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1-Year-Old Who Accidentally Swallowed Eucalyptus Oil Will Not Survive Without Urgent Treatment

“My baby boy was suffering from severe cold and chest congestion last week. Just when I was about to apply some eucalyptus oil on his forehead, he grabbed it and put some in his mouth. Before I could scream and call my mother for help, his body had started shaking vigorously and his mouth was frothing. Today, he is unconscious and battling for his life in the ICU. After being buried in debt, my husband was forced to leave us to take up a small job in the middle-east just two weeks back. He cannot afford a ticket back to India at this point. I am struggling to save our only child with no financial help now.”-Thasaneema, mother of Baby Muhammed Irfan.

Right after the incident, Irfan had deadly seizures lasting two hours

Within minutes of the baby swallowing the eucalyptus oil, Thasaneema rushed him to a local hospital in their small hometown in Kannur district, Kerala. All along the journey, he experienced violent seizures for so long that it took some time for doctors to stabilize his condition. However, he had to be rushed to another hospital with a ventilator facility soon, and Thasaneema wasn’t even sure if her baby would survive at that point.

Irfan was such a happy and active child before the incident

“We were told that he needs specialized care or he would not survive for long. With the help of my brother-in-law and other relatives, we took him to Kannur medical college. He was put on ventilator support and treated for breathing difficulty. But when they tried taking him off the ventilator, he responded negatively. Fear grew in me and at one point, I really believed we had lost him. But I wasn’t ready to give my only son up that easily to fate.”-Thasaneema.

Over the next few days, his oxygen levels came crashing down to dangerous levels

Contrary to Thasaneema’s prayers, her baby did not get better with time. His lungs had developed a severe infection too. His oxygen levels were at 30-50 (normal is 100). The family was again advised to take Irfan to another hospital, with better facilities. Thasaneema knew that she did not have money with her to pay for better treatment, but she did not think twice in taking him to a good hospital in Kozhikode.

“I cannot let a terrible accident take away my son’s life, even if it that means begging people to help me. My son does not deserve so much pain and distress, he is so small to go through this. Without his father by my side, I feel completely lost. But I have to fight alone, I have no other choice. My son is my only reason to live.”-Thasaneema.

Currently, this poor baby is holding on to life by a thread and needs prolonged ICU care to survive

Irfan was shortly diagnosed with acute respiratory distress syndrome, a condition where the lungs are severely damaged due to infection. He cannot breathe on his own as yet and needs constant monitoring. The doctors have not yet been able to take him off the ventilator for tests to gauge the extent of brain damage. He needs prolonged care in the ICU because his oxygen levels are also not under control yet.

“My poor baby never liked sleeping during the day – he was always actively running around the house. Now, watching him lie down with his eyes closed and a dozen tubes running through his tiny body is killing me. The worst part is that I cannot do anything except pray. Till now, we have managed to keep him in the ICU by selling whatever jewellery I had, my brother-in-law has also helped in every way he could. My husband is helpless – both financially and mentally. We were already going through a rough financial patch when this happened to our baby. I hope God finds a way for us.”-Thasaneema, with tears in her eyes.

How you can help

1-year-old Irfan was born to his parents after 7 years of marriage. He was active and did not have any health issues until he accidentally swallowed eucalyptus oil. He had just begun to say his first words and grow up into a smart kid when fate landed him in the hospital. He needs prolonged ICU care to survive. His mother is struggling all alone to save him, in the absence of his father. She does not have land or property that she can sell and has already sold her jewelry to pay for his treatment till now. She does not want to lose her precious child just because she belongs to a poor background.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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