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This 15-month-old Hasn't Been In His Parents' Arms For Months

This month, Mokshith turned 15 months old. When all parents celebrate their newborn’s birthday every month, Mokshith's parents have not been able to hold or hug their baby boy in months.  You will find his mother sitting next to his bed brushing through his hair watching him plugged to needles and wires. As for his father, he will be hustling across the floors of Manipal Hospital with bills and prescriptions. 

“This is our fourth hospital in 3 months. But this is the best treatment my son has got in months. I am barely educated, but here, the doctors don't dismiss us. I know Mokshith is in good hands.” , said Narendra, Mokshit’s father as his eyes well up looking at his son and then the folder full of bills. “As a father, I should be able to take care of him. But I think I am failing him.” 

Narendra and his family live in a small village of Koppam, Andhra Pradesh. Narendra is a farmer by profession and his wife is a housewife. Living in a joint family of 6 members with 4 children, Narendra was confident his little son will have a blessed upbringing just like his. Grandmother to pamper him, uncles to cover for his pranks, and siblings to spoil him. Little did Narendra know his son will have to fight a tougher battle within months of his birth. 

His Mother Would Have To Blow In Little Mokshith's Mouth To Help Him Catch A Breath 

Three months ago, baby Mokshith cried continuously. So much so that the little soul’s cries barely made any sounds. His mother would blow in his mouth to help him catch a breath but Mokshith would turn red in minutes. Narendra realised his son needs help when these incidents occurred multiple times in a day. “The doctors in the Govt Hospital told us it is regular cold due to weather change. But the incidents reoccurred in a week’s time. Soon we moved to Bangalore.”

When a mere weather change was diagnosed as serious case of Pneumonia

After multiple hospitals, Doctors confirmed Mokshith has a serious case of Pneumonia. His tiny lungs have been through so much strain in last 3 months, that he needs to be on a ventilator to allow him time to recover from the severe infection. It is Mokshit’s fourth week on a ventilator. Doctors have seen improvement in this condition and are confident with an aggressive treatment he can soon be moved out of PICU. 

However, intensive care like PICU and every day ventilator charges have piled up to bills. Narendra has exhausted all his savings to settle bills. But Doctors suggests Mokshith would need intensive care for at least 10-14 days.The treatment would cost around 9 lakhs. 

Struggles Of A Farmer To Save His Son

Narendra has trying to make ends meet. He has borrowed from his family and friends to settle the bills till date. But there is no way he or his family can arrange for another 9 lakhs. “I am a farmer. I do not have monthly earnings. Whatever we earn is during the harvest season and we have to make ends meet with it for rest of the year. My son is fighting for his life. I have to save him but I don't know how can I arrange for 9 lakhs.?” 

How can you help Mokshit? 

Mokshith has been showing improvement since his week 1 in the hospital. Another 10 to 14 days of treatment can cure him and he can go back to where he belongs. In his mother’s arms getting pampered and loved. Away from all the pain. Though this is exactly what Narendra wants to do for his son, he cannot do it alone. Medical expenses of 3 months have already been a struggle. It's not easy for a parent to see his child fight complications this grave. Your support will save his 15-month-old son. Please contribute now and save Mokshith.

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