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Moiz Has His Life Ahead Of Him- Help This 14 Year-Old Get A Heart Transplant

"Papa, buy me a heart na. Get my surgery done soon! Then I can get better again"
My own heart hurts everytime my son says this. I am Kausar, and I am talking about my son Moiz.

(This story is from the perspective of Moiz's father Kausar) 

A small, but happy family:

I have a small family. My wife Khateeja is a housewife, and I have three children. Moiz, who is 14, Taha, and then my 1.5 year old baby daughter. We are a small family, but we were happy.

Moiz's diagnosis:

In the last week of November 2016 Moiz started coughing very badly & we took him to a Child Specialist who suggested a 2D ECHO. Through this, it was found out that his heart was severely damaged and was working only 5 % of its capacity. The doctor recommended a heart transplant. I remember the exact date all our lives changed- it was the 27th November 2016.

I took my son to the best specialists I could afford- and they all said the same thing. Moiz needed a new heart.

Till February 2017, I pursued all alternatives, until I was forced to accept this. Till then, I was determined to get my son treated on my own. After all, I am his father! On hearing the doctor's estimate of Rs 25 lakhs, I was forced to think again. I am a small time shop owner, and have spent lakhs on my son's treatment. I cannot afford to single- handedly pay for his heart surgery- I do not even have insurance.

I am struggling to meet his medical costs

Now I have been forced to bring Moiz home. I cannot even afford the daily ward charges. Every alternate day, I buy injections that cost me Rs 3000 and watch as a nurse comes to my house and injects Moiz.
At any sign of fever or cold, I rush him to the hospital. His immunity is very weak- he has been at home only for 12 days and has already been admitted twice.

My wife is very worried- after all, she is a mother! She tries to stay strong for Moiz- and comforts him. But every night, she prays hard for him to get better soon.

Why am I fundraising?

I am reaching out to you in the hope that you can help. Moiz is my first born child. He is a smart, cheerful boy, who wants to live his life. He is confident that his papa will make him get better. Please help my son believe in me!

Supporting Documents:

Your contribution is the only hope for Moiz to get well again.

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