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7-Year-old Mihir suffers from a rare genetic disorder.

For the past ten months, Manoj Sikdar, a Kargil veteran and his wife Geetha have been waiting for a miracle that will save their 7-year-old son. Mihir is suffering from a rare genetic disorder, Neurofibromatosis (Type 1) which causes chronic pain and growth of tumors along nerves in the skin, brain, and other parts of the body.

 When hope diminished

Mihir was admitted to KIMS Hospital, Hyderabad under the EX-Servicemen Central Health Scheme (ECHS). The health insurance policy covering Mihir's hospitalisation was for a period of 120 days and it expired on April 6th . The option to shift Mihir to the Military hospital, which is the nodal centre for providing treatment to ex-servicemen and their families was ruled out since the hospital lacked the necessary facilities to treat Mihir. Now the distraught parents are struggling to get financial assistance.

Mihir is hit by paralysis and is on a ventilator. The terminal genetic disorder that is threatening his life has made him susceptible to multiple other complications like Moyamoya syndrome (constricted blood vessels in brain), Kyphoscoliosis (spine disorder), bleeding in the brain and urinary tract infection.Mihir is able to breathe through tracheotomy tube inserted into his trachea but it is affecting his voice box and has made him speechless.

This born fighter shows an unwavering spirit to live

Anyone who comes to visit Mihir is taken aback by this 7-year-old's unwavering spirit to withstand the trauma. The nurses attending to him confess how they have never come across a child who can withstand such severe pain with a smile. He beats his small drum to comunicate to the nurses, who inturn decipher the sounds to attend to his needs. Mihir's father says he has learned more from his brave child than from his days in the battlefield. He does not want to lose hope. Mihir's family refuses to believe that their son is fighting a losing battle. With a will to do anything to save his son, his father wants to also help others in his position.He wants to contribute to the society and create awareness about the disease and help people out.

How can you help

With no financial support from the army, Mihir's parents are struggling to extend his treatment at KIMS, Hyderabad. They need Rs.8,500 per day to meet the medical expenses. Your small contribution will help this child win his battle for life. Every support counts!

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