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Meet Sunitaben - model, beautician and a homemaker

I would call Sunitaben, Chankheda's hidden talent. She was once a small-time actress and model who traveled through Diu, Mumbai and parts of Gujarat. Sunitaben has hence settled down with her family in Chandkheda. Over here, she runs a makeshift beauty parlor from her house. Though her husband also has a stable job as a servicing contractor; with three kids and a house to maintain, expenses were becoming hard to manage.
With the help of the loan she availed from Milaap, Sunitaben now takes contract for make-up for 'Samuh Lagan' (mass community weddings for families that can't afford the cost of a wedding), bridal orders and several other high-end orders, thanks to the new hair styling equipment she purchased after the loan. Sunitaben seemed at peace and happy as she excitedly narrated her Mumbai experiences with me.

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