Meet our new intern: Pritam Thakur | Milaap

Meet our new intern: Pritam Thakur

Meet our new intern Pritam who comes all the way from IIT kanpur to helps us out on a project this summer. In his second year itself, he decided he wanted to do something that can have an impact and that's when he came across Milaap. He applied for an internship and looking at this young one's enthusiasm it was hard to reject his application. We spoke to him to know more about him and this is what he had to say: 

Q) Tell us about yourself & your prior experience before joining Milaap?

 I am from Kolkata and doing my Engineering from IIT Kanpur. I am an avid reader of social, political and business news. I am very passionate about blogging and analysing stuff relevant to the Indian society. My hobbies are watching movies, TV series (I do that a lot!) and reading books but the thing I like the most is hanging out with my friends.

I have been involved in many co-curricular activities in my college including the cultural festivals, organizing Orientation for freshers, being a part of Alumni Cell, Anti-ragging Committee etc. After my 2nd year summer I did an internship in a marketing start-up company and from then I developed great interest in learning about start-ups. The best thing is it gives you lot of freedom and you responsibility as well. It gives you a scope to make a huge difference to the company which won’t be much visible in a large corporate firm.


Q) So how did you hear about Milaap?

 I know an alumnus of my college who is working in social sector. I wanted to utilise my summer to work in an NGO or a company in social field. He told me about Milaap and after some googling, I sent my resume to Mayukh, who is the co-founder of Milaap. Fortunately, he liked my CV and I got the internship.

Q) What was your motivation in joining Milaap?

 The primary motivation was to do something worthwhile for the people and contribute to the society in whatever way I can. I understood that Milaap is driven by a vision to provide financial help to those people who form the majority of India’s population. It also aims to make the lenders aware of the conditions of the underprivileged communities in urban and rural areas. Getting involved in Milaap is actually a win-win situation for both the borrowers and lenders where everybody is benefited. I want to make use of my social and professional skills to benefit the livelihood of the lower strata of the society.

Q) What is your expectation from Milaap?

 I am very excited to work with people who share the common objective of uplifting the position of the people in the society. At the end of this internship I want to prepare a better loan structure for vocational training courses and make a small contribution to the goal of skilling India’s young workforce. 

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