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This Single Father Is Running Out Of Time To Save His 3-Year-Old Daughter's Heart

“She’s 3 years old and still unable to walk. I've been going to hospitals since she was born, but no one give me a guarantee that she will survive surgery. I’ve been to over 20 hospitals and only now has someone given us a hope.” – Deepak, Mayuri’s father

Mayuri and Deepak

For three years, Deepak feared losing Mayuri because she has multiple heart defects. Her case is complex and many hospitals rejected performing a surgery on her. Abandoned by her mother when she was 1, little Mayuri hasn’t even been able to walk due to her condition. She needs to undergo a heart surgery to stay alive but her father has absolutely nothing left to save her.

Mayuri is very critical

Just a few months after birth, Mayuri wouldn’t feed and would instantly throw up what she’d eat. After getting her checked, the new parents' world turned upside down when they found out that Mayuri had a hole in her heart.

“I went to around 20 of hospitals back then but they told us she may not live. I was so scared that I didn’t get her operated on. For years, I’ve been giving her prescribed medicines and liquids only.” – Deepak

A normal heart has 4 valves, but Mayuri just has 3. As a birth defect, one valve was absent. Due to this, her body doesn't receive enough oxygen-rich blood. Her oxygen levels are way below normal and she breathes abnormally and rapidly too. Her fingers turn bluish in colour. She is critical and she needs to undergo a cardiac surgery immediately.

3-year-old Mayuri hasn’t been able to walk yet

Mayuri’s condition has rendered her weak. To add to her misery, the 3-year-old’s legs are so weak that she hasn’t been able to walk yet.

“She can’t walk or run around like other kids her age. In fact, she hasn’t started walking yet. She doesn’t have any energy. The doctor says that she will begin to walk slowly, if she gets the heart surgery. I just feel like crying whenever I look at her. My baby doesn’t have a mother to look after her too." - Deepak

Mayuri needs multiple surgeries to stay alive

“The doctor has said that she should get admitted immediately. Her condition is getting worse every day.” – Deepak

After finally finding a hospital that said that they would save his daughter, Deepak received yet another blow. He was told that Mayuri will need at least three more heart surgeries to stay alive. One would be about 2 years later and the next one, around 5 years later.

All of this is possible if her first surgery is successful. Deepak is already racing against time to get her the life-saving cardiac surgery but now he doesn’t have any resources left to save her.

Abandoned by his wife, Deepak is trying very hard to save his daughter

Just when Mayuri was 1-year-old, Deepak’s wife left them and never returned. Deepak has tried his best to get Mayuri treated and has even visited over 20 hospitals and fought hard. Finally, his daughter has hopes of leading a normal life if she gets the heart surgery.

“A few days ago, Mayuri was so ill that we had to admit her to the hospital immediately. Her mother hasn’t called or asked once about her health. This has been a really hard time for me. ” – Deepak

Deepak is in dire need of help

Deepak, a single father, works at a construction company and makes car permits. He earns a meagre salary of Rs 7000 every month and has found it extremely difficult to take care of Mayuri. Until now, after begging and borrowing, Deepak has spent around Rs 3 lakhs on Mayuri’s daily medicines and her frequent hospital visits.

The total cost of the corrective heart surgery is estimated to be around Rs 2.5 lakhs. Deepak, simply, cannot afford such a large sum. He is left with no option but crowdfunding and needs your help to save his daughter.

How you can help

3-year-old Mayuri’s only hope for survival is to get the heart surgery as soon as possible. She is suffering from severe heart disease since birth and should have undergone the surgery long back. Her father, Deepak, is running out of time and he needs your help to save his daughter.

Your support and contribution will save Mayuri’s life.

Supporting Document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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