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This 2-year-old Baby Fell into a Well and Needs Urgent Help to Survive

Suresh and Prema were living a happy and peaceful life with their two sons. All they ever asked God was health and happiness for their children. But life took a drastic turn when their 2-year-old son Kishore fell into a well and consequently developed multi-organ failure.
Little Kishore in hospital

Kishore fell into a well which was not closed properly

Kishore was playing outside with his brother Harish and his friends. Their parents had never feared for safety in the play area. The well outside their house was closed and kids hardly went there. But unfortunately, on that tragic day, it was not closed properly after cleaning. In the blink of an eye, Kishore fell into the well. Harish ran to his mother and told her what happened. With the neighbour’s help, Kishore was rushed to the hospital.

Kishore was struck by uncontrollable fits

Kishore came home from the hospital after a week. But he started having fits. Suresh and Prema watched their poor baby get weaker and weaker. Unfortunately, his condition quickly became worse and Kishore developed multi-organ failure.
Kishore before the diagnosis

Suresh was unprepared for this devastating news about his son. Doctors said that his liver and kidney were not functioning properly. Kishore underwent surgery on his liver and is in the ICU. Little Kishore has to undergo another surgery too before he is out of danger.
Kishore before the diagnosis

“He suffered uncontrollable seizures every one hour and it was heartbreaking to see him go through all this. He is in still under ventilation support and he can hardly eat anything.  What worse can happen to a father than to feed his son through a pipe?”
Kishore before the diagnosis

Prema cannot bear to see his son lying unconscious

Kishore’s mother Prema is also struggling to come to terms with what happened.  She keeps going over what happened and feels guilty about letting her son fall into the well. Only her prayers keep her going.
Kishore opens his eyes every now and then and there is quite a bit of movement in his body. But this is only the beginning of the recovery. Kishore needs ventilator support and other surgeries to stop his seizures and recover proper functioning of his body parts

“How I wish that I was with him on that day. That is when it all started. I know it cannot be undone but I keep thinking of what I could have done to not let this happen.  Kishore used to be so active – we struggled to put him to sleep every day. Now he is unconscious all day,

Suresh with his 2-year-old son Kishore

How can you help

Suresh delivers milk from door to door and he earns Rs 10,000 a month. He has sold what little jewelry they had and borrowed heavily from his relatives. He has already spent Rs 8 lakhs for the surgery and now he needs Rs 7.5 lakhs to cover the hospital expenses. You can help Kishore to get back home and live by making a small contribution towards his life.

Supporting Document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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