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My First Baby Was Still Born, My Second Died In 2 Weeks, And My Third Is Fighting To Survive

The day we found out I was pregnant was the happiest day of our lives, and the day the doctors told us that we’re going to have triplets, our excitement knew no bounds. We were happy that after the long wait of 28 years, our dreams were finally coming true. We had prayed for God to give us at least one baby, and now we were going to have three. It was the best feeling. All we ever wanted was to be parents. Little did we think that our happiness would be brutally taken away from us soon.

When the maternity ward was surrounded by the cry of newborns, my first baby's cries were silenced by death. My second baby survived for only two weeks after that. Now, only one of my triplets is alive, but his fight isn’t over yet. He’s in the NICU, struggling to breathe. Every day is a battle for him, and every day I pray that my only baby makes it through this ordeal. I had been waiting to become a mother, and when the moment finally arrived, it brought us nothing but pain and loss. All our dreams came crashing down.

Our baby boy was born premature and was only 850 gms. He was rushed to the NICU before I could even see him properly. I haven’t held him yet. I couldn’t hold any of my babies. The pain of losing one baby after another, without ever getting to hold them, is one of the worst things a parent can experience. There was no hope for my first two babies, but now the doctors say that my baby boy can make it with hospital care. Unfortunately, we can’t celebrate yet. Every day we worry about how we’re going to afford another day of treatment. We want to protect our baby from all the pain and we can’t help but feel like we’re failing as parents.

While I was depressed and weak after the loss of my babies, my husband couldn’t even grieve properly. Ever since our baby’s birth, he has been running to everyone he knows to ask for help to save him. He never complains, but I know how difficult this has been for him as well. We’re both at a dead end now. We don’t seem to have any other way to save our only living baby. My husband is a coolie worker and has spent everything he had saved. We even sold my thali (mangal sutra) to pay for the treatment, but it isn’t enough. The daily expenses are only increasing. Our hands are tied. We’re so close to having the family that we always dreamt of, but our financial condition is standing in the way.  

"I will not survive if my son dies. I cannot go back home and look at those empty walls knowing that God has taken my triplets away."

How you can help

It will take my baby another 8 weeks to recover. He needs intensive treatment to survive. The doctors say he’s improving, but he can only be completely out of danger if he continues to get hospital care. We have nowhere to go and no one to help us.

Your contributions can help us save our only baby’s life. 

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