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Making A Difference With Creativity!

Designers, make the point! And that’s what our new design intern Atif is here for. A young and creative designer who believes in making a strong impact with his design skills, Atif is the man behind most of our posters (remember 2012 Impact Infographic poster?). Currently staying in Singapore, we had a chat with him this morning and this is what he had to say:

Tell us about yourself & your prior experience before joining Milaap.

I am Syed Atif Husain. I was born and raised in Dubai till the age of 10 before migrating to Singapore. I am currently pursuing a degree in Industrial Design at National University of Singapore. I always felt that design was my sort of thing because it allows me to express myself. I am very particular about how things look. Apart from product designing, I also have a keen interest in graphic designing, photography & videography. Being a design student, I feel that design is the answer to many human problems. Design can make you smile, it can inspire you, it can educate you, it can connect to you. Design removes barriers between us. It follows a universal language. It brings people together. I feel that design can make a difference to everyone’s lives. I believe that with my creativity, coupled with a strong idea, I can reach out and connect to people more effectively.

So, how did you hear about Milaap?

In my 2012 summer break, during my internship with a local start-up, I came across Milaap. However then, I had no clue that I would have an opportunity to work for them someday. 3 months later, I applied for the iLead program under NUS which allows me to intern for a start-up in Singapore for 7 months. This is when I came across Milaap once again. I read up about what they did and I really admired how their concept simplified the whole idea of doing good.



What was your motivation in joining Milaap?

Something so simple, and yet so effective. That’s how I would describe Milaap. Its system is almost perfect; for the borrowers, for the lenders and for Milaap. I hope that my creativity in design can help them to reach out to a much larger audience. And if my contributions can change the lives of even 1 person, it would give me great sense of satisfaction.

What is your expectation from Milaap?

I hope that my creativity and passion can help Milaap to be known globally. I hope I can encourage more people to help those in need. I hope I can change the lives of many, directly or indirectly. Poverty has spread like wildfire throughout the years and Milaap has taken a significant step in tackling this. I feel that this is just the beginning to something really big, something that would change the way people do good. And it will be a great privilege for me to be a part of it.

Welcome to the team Atif! We hope you have a good time at Milaap :)

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