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Support Kiran who is diagnosed with a severe life threatening disorder

It was a year back that Kiran came to know he has cancer and he is slowly dying. After months of treatment and medication, he is still fighting the battle to survive. But with his wife has his aid, his hopes are high but financial constraints is giving them a big challenge.

Kiran M is diagnosed with “Acquired Aplastic Anemia (severe)”. Acquired aplastic anemia is a rare, life-threatening serious blood disorder caused due to Auto Immune disorder. This is a condition due to the failure of the bone marrow to produce blood cells and its components.

His wife has been his only support

ATG therapy was the only solution

The recommended treatments to cure this disease are ATG Therapy/ Bone Marrow Transplantation. He is currently undergoing the ATG Therapy treatment from Manipal Hospital, Bangalore. He is also getting transfusion for SDP & PRBC as per protocol. Every week he is undergoing CBC, Serum Potassium, Serum Creatine , Serum Cyclosporine tests per doctor advice. He need to undergo platelets transfusion on a regular basis whenever the platelet count drops drastically.

A bone marrow transplantation is the final step

The overall cost estimated would be around 50 lakhs. The family is no dependent on any financial assistance for his medical treatment that is currently ongoing and save his life.

How you can help

Encourage each one of us to support Kiran in whatever way we can.Kiran's family have already spent 18 lakhs by exhausting their financial resources and through various loans so far for the ongoing ATG treatment.

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