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Without Help, Daily-Wage Labourers Struggle To Save Dying Son Who Needs An Urgent Liver Transplant

"We are daily wage labourers, our happiness is in earning atleast 100 rupees a day and making a good meal for our children. Some days we have starved but made sure our sons slept stomach full. But in the last 4 months, we have lost what we toiled for- our 8-year-old son is dying. Doctors said my son’s liver is damaged and he needs a transplant. We sold whatever we made by saving little by little,  giving our sweat and blood but we cannot save him. What can save him is far beyond what we can imagine."- Madhulatha, mother

8-year-old's Kiran's liver is fully damaged 

It was a normal day and Kiran had just come back from school, Madhulatha noticed that he was uncomfortable but did not think he was in pain. After a few hours, he developed a fever and that’s when Paparao and Madhulatha took him to a clinic. After several tests and investigation, doctors noticed his liver was fully damaged.

After that day, Kiran never went to school. He did not understand why his mother takes him to the hospital and why he cannot meet his younger brother anymore.

It’s been 4 months since these parents found that their little son’s liver is fully damaged because of Wilson's disease. A rare inherited disease, it causes copper to accumulate in one's liver, kidney and other vital organs making it life-threatening. Though the condition is present since birth, symptoms of the disease show up suddenly and vary from person to person, making it difficult to diagnose.  Kiran's stomach has bloated, making it impossible for him to eat or sleep.

“Once he overheard me speaking to someone about his condition. After I returned to him, he asked me if he has lost his liver. I asked him if he knows what a 'liver' is. He said 'no' with a slight smile. I felt so bad for him. He has just begun life and here he is wanting to know why he is in pain.”- Madhulatha, mother

With his stomach bloated, Kiran cannot sleep comfortably or even eat.

Kiran doesn’t know that his poor parents are begging for help to save his life. This innocent child’s worry is all about his bloated stomach. When his mother tries to make him wear a shirt, he looks at her with tears in his eyes, his stomach is so bloated that he cannot fit into his own shirt.
"He asks me 'Why is my stomach bloated' I tell him it’s because he is strong. I know he doesn't believe it completely, but it’s better than telling him he is dying".- Madhulatha.

 They managed to keep him alive for 4 months by selling everything they ever had

For 4 months, Paparao and Madhulatha managed to keep Kiran alive by selling everything they ever owned. They sold off their buffaloes and got some money that saved Kiran in the initial months. They received help from their relatives and managed over the next few months. But Kiran’s condition has become worse than before, without a transplant, his life is at risk. The cost of the transplant is 25 lakhs. Any delay in receiving a new liver will damage his organs and kill him.

How you can help

Kiran is now undergoing a procedure to remove the fluid accumulation in his stomach. His mother stays with him in the hospital, while his father is in his hometown, requesting help from everyone he knows.

This boy has a chance to live if he gets a transplant at the earliest. His parents are poor and in the current situation, will not be able to arrange for the transplant. The only hope left is the support of kind-hearted individuals to save his life. With our support, this little boy can be saved.

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